A second passport can be considered as one of the most demanded documents today because it can increase people’s economic and financial freedom and ensure a better future for their families.

Citizens of all parts of the world apply in different programs to obtain a second passport, as they seek to have traveling freedom or they just need to get away from the government of their motherland that every time they place higher tax rates.

Given the high demand for these documents, governments have devised different ways in which a person can obtain a second passport.

One of the best ways to obtain a second passport in a totally legal process and in the shortest amount of time is through the citizenship by investment programs, that several countries in the world offer; But, before you choose one of these programs, it is necessary to analyze some elements to select the best option.

One of the first things someone needs to consider to obtain a second passport is the number of countries that the holder can travel without the need of a visa.

You should also consider the financial flexibility offered by the country issuing the passport, the civil obligations prevailing in the country or how the country’s tax system works.

Three of the most popular options in the world to obtain a second passport are by family ties, by residency that leads to naturalization and by a citizenship by investment program. Of these three possibilities, with the CBI programs, you can obtain in a more easily and quickly way the second passport.

We should mention that usually, the countries that offer the citizenship by investment programs do not require that the person applying has to reside there, sometimes it is not even necessary to visit the country.

All these programs, although with notable differences, have a common element: they give the second passport in exchange for an investment in the country or a purchase of real estate.

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