Hassan W. Tehran, Iran

First of all, let me make it clear, I am a proud Iranian, and will always love my country. That said, I am also a citizen of the world, and firmly believe that if one is not a criminal, one should be entitled to explore this amazing planet we share with as few restrictions as humanly possible. As an Iranian citizen, this is not the case.

When the US indicated it would lift its sanctions on Iran and allow us to trade with the Western world again for the first time in decades, I, like millions other Iranians, was overjoyed. At last I can expand my family business to its full potential. Just one problem – travel.

An Iranian passport holder is currently entitled to travel to only 37 countries visa-free, and those countries include Haiti and Ecuador, hardly the business hubs of the world!

I needed a second passport, and fast, so I contacted 2ndPassports.com, a website recommended by a Saudi associate of mine. As soon as I spoke to one of their representatives I knew I was in safe hands. I signed some documents, made a bank transfer, and within three months I was granted Greek citizenship and a precious E.U passport, giving me visa-free travel to over 170 countries worldwide.

Thanks to 2ndPassports.com, I know that even if my country once again suffers restrictions, I never will!


Thomas and Ethel M. Zimbabwe

As white farmers in Zimbabwe, we have run the wrath of President Robert Mugabe for many years, all the while knowing time would eventual run out for us, and we would lose the land and the business that has been in our family for generations, or worse still, lose our very lives.

We decided to take what we could for our land and leave the country while we still could, but that was easier said than done. Getting anything done in Zimbabwe is becoming increasingly difficult, so thank God for the internet!

Some friends of ours had used 2ndPassports.com to become UK citizens several years ago, and spoke very highly of them. As an elderly couple, we decided to aim for a warmer climate than Britain, and via 2ndPassports.com we embarked on a Citizenship by Investment program in the United States.

We are now living happily in Miami, Florida, and our stress levels have dropped from red-line to zero. We will soon become US citizens and passport holders, all thanks to 2ndPassports.com.

Thanks guys, you might just have saved our lives!


Harry C. New York, U.S.A

My only regret is not finding 2ndPassports.com sooner! I’m a New Yorker born and raised, and I inherited a business that was my father’s and his father’s before him. My father worked hard all his life and died too young. He should have benefited more from his work but he didn’t and I wish he had.

While I miss him every day, I’m determined not to make the same mistakes he did. My Dad always paid every penny of his taxes, at times to the detriment of himself and his family.

I’ve taken the family business to the next level, and Uncle Sam would love to take my taxation to the next level also.

No chance.

Thanks to 2ndPassports.com and my second passport to Dominica, myself and my family will always be taken care of – and it’s also a fabulous place to take a holiday, maybe even retire to one day.

Thanks 2ndPassports.com!


Ling Chun W. Beijing, China

An American associate of mine recommended 2ndPassports.com to me, and I cannot thank him enough. My brother and I have an established business outside of Beijing, but we wanted to leave it to our extended family to run, while we bring our families with us to Europe. That at least was the dream, until 2ndPassports.com made it a reality!

We are now proud owners of Greek passports, and thanks to E.U laws, living in the UK where we are opening a new branch of our business.

2ndPassports.com did all of the work for us, presenting us with all of our legal documents and passports when the job was done.

To any Chinese citizens wishing to move to Europe I would strongly tell them to contact 2ndPassports.com and seek their advice before doing anything – you’ll never regret it!


Tarik Ali M. Ankara, Turkey

My family gave me the best education money can buy, including four amazing years at Oxford University in England, and yet, despite my education, I always felt like a second class citizen as a result of Turkey’s continued rejection by the European Union.

I conquered the world of business in my home country, did exceptionally well for myself and made many friends and associates throughout Europe and the US, but it still rankled me that I would always have to apply for a stupid visa first before visiting them!

So I did something about it.

A Turkish associate of mine now living in the US connected me with 2ndPassports.com. They sorted him out, and they sorted me out too. I am now the proud owner of a legal passport and citizenship to the beautiful country of Cyprus. Thanks to the freedom of movement allowed to E.U passport holders, I have offices in London, Paris and Berlin, I can live and work where I please in Europe, and I can jump on a plane and fly where I like – visa-free.

Thanks to 2ndPassports.com, I no longer feel like a second class citizen!


Oleg P. St Petersburg, Russia

The Berlin Wall came down in 1990, at least it did for East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and the rest of Eastern Europe, most of whom now make up part of the E.U. For us Russians it was not so simple. In some ways the wall never really did come down for us.

The vast majority of us want Russia to be like Western Europe or even the USA, but it seems like too many politicians – both in the East and the West – have us consigned to something called Eurasia, a vast hinterland, cut off by both politics and the elements from the warmth and openness of Western civilization.

I long for Russian to be part of the E.U, but realistically that might never happen in my lifetime. I have a wife and a young child, and I want us all to enjoy the freedom that living in the West brings, and that’s why I contacted 2ndPassports.com.

We didn’t have huge amounts of cash, but thanks to my wife’s inheritance, we were able to obtain passports and citizenship to Greece. 2ndPassports.com were amazing. They did all of the work for us, leaving us free to prepare for our move.

While we know we can live and work anywhere in Europe, we have decided to stick with Greece. Like us, it’s had tough times in the past but is now starting over again, so we are both taking a chance on each other. So far so good!

Thanks 2ndPassports.com, you’ve literally helped bring us in from the cold!


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