Austria is one of the oldest and longest established nations in Europe, with a history that dates back to 996 AD. It is situated in the heartland of Western Europe, and resulting and fittingly is considered one of the a cultural and economic centers of the E.U. Despite it”s relatively low population of 8.6 million, Austria is the 12th richest country in the world in terms of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita.

Austrian Citizenship by Investment Program

Austria offers high net-worth investors the opportunity to obtain citizenship and a passport to an E.U member-state. Full Austrian citizenship and passport is granted immediately and without residency requirements upon completion of a specified investment.

These investments are:

A minimum charitable donation of 2-3 million to the Austrian economy


A recoverable minimum investment of $10 million+ in the economy of Austria

There are no residency requirements. While expensive, the Austrian Citizenship by Investment program is by far the fastest was of acquiring full E.U citizenship. Family members such as a spouse and children up to 18 years of age can be included in the citizenship application.


Additional Fees

There are additional fees and expenses of 400,00 – 600,000 for government fees plus application and due diligence costs. Once obtained, Austrian citizenship is irrevocable unless the applicant has presented false information in their application.

A personal visit is required to Austria to complete the formalities at a citizenship ceremony in Austria before a representative of the government.


Eligibility Requirements

In addition to standard documentary requirements, the following documents are needed to apply for Austria”s citizenship program:

  • Authorized proof of the applicant”s excellent financial background
  • Certifi­cate of no criminal record
  • Authorized proof of the applicant”s business background
  • Full character references from reputable sources



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