Belize might not yet be the most well-known offshore banking location or tax-haven in the world, but it is rapidly becoming the nation of choice for a whole new generation of high-net worth investors from the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Far East, India, Africa and China who are looking to protect and grow their assets, and have the capacity to do so from afar.

The Commonwealth state of Belize (formerly known as British Honduras) is the only nation in Central America whose official language is English. With a population of 350,000 spread over 23,000 km’s Belize is a spacious land, and ranks 215th among the world’s countries in terms of density of population.

Not surprisingly, Belize is a popular tourist and eco-tourist destination, both for its exquisite beaches and vast barrier reef with its excellent diving facilities, and also for inland exploration of its stunning rainforest and mountainous landscape, which features many ancient Mayan ruins.


Benefits Of Belize Banking

Like other offshore creative banking specialists including Panama, Guatemala and the Caribbean Islands of St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica and Saint Lucia, banks in Belize specialize in asset protection, privacy from civil creditors and tax-compliance international investments. The Belize banks that deal with will provide clients with accounts, trusts, corporations and foundations all with complete privacy and full discretion. Belize is also one of the very few remaining countries where one can open an offshore bank account by email.


Opening A Belize Bank Account With deals with the largest and most powerful banks in Belize. Opening a bank account in Belize with the assistance of is straightforward and simple. A client can prepare all of the necessary documentation in their home country, then scan and save them as jpegs and then submit the documents to by email for review. Once the account has been approved, hard copies of the documents can be delivered to a office by courier.

Send all scanned documents to:

Below is a list of documents you will need to prepare ahead of application for a Belize bank account:

  • Letters of reference from professional people you have known for at least two years that can vouch for your good character
  • Letter of reference from a bank or an institution where you have had an account for at least two years
  • Utility bills showing your name and home address. Bills must be no older than 60 days
  • Notarized copies of your passport and driver license
  • If the client is seeking a company account, they must provide a notarized copy of the offshore company’s documents – including minutes – plus the company’s operating agreement



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