Germany is not only be world’s fourth-largest economy, it is also one of the most influential nations on earth in terms of humanity and environmentalism, and, judging by its super-powerful passport, a country that everybody else wants to be friends with.



Germany is a Central Western European nation that borders Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. A population of almost 83,000,000 makes Germany the second most populous nation in all of Europe, behind only Russia. Germany is one of the most powerful economies on the planet, and ranks fourth behind the USA, China and Japan, and ahead of the UK and France in the global economy stakes.

Almost as if it’s intention was to make amends for their pivotal part in the 20th century’s two World Wars, Germany is now the world’s great equalizer, a nation that leads by example, not just in terms of its consistently strong economy and the legendary work ethic of its people, but also for its humanity and its care for the future of the planet. As previously stated, Germany is currently the fourth-largest economy the world behind only the USA, China and Japan and is on course to soon swap places with the Land of the Rising Sun.

However, Germany is also Europe’s “Green Leader”, the result of 40 years of government policies to promote growth that is environmentally sustainable. And when it comes to humanitarianism, Germany made the single greatest humanitarian statement of recent times when in 2015 German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that her country was willing to accept more than one million refugees fleeing from war-torn Middle Eastern countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.


The German Passport

The term “pound-for-pound” comes from the sport of boxing, and is used to determine which fighter is greater, regardless of weight class. Heavyweight legend Muhammed Ali may have been larger than middleweight Sugar Ray Robinson, but Robinson is nevertheless regarded as the greatest fighter ever, pound-for-pound.

Is Germany currently pound-for-pound the no.1 nation on earth? The USA and Russia may be a greater world powers in terms of influence and military might, and China and Japan may have larger economies, but when it comes to that balance of economy, humanity, environmental awareness, plus a phenomenal standard of living for its citizens reflected by high education and healthcare, does any other country do it better than Germany?

It certainly seems that every country in the world worth its salt wants to be friends with Germany, and in-turn with Germans. This is reflected by the fact that the German passport is the most powerful in the world, with more nations willing to allow German citizens into their borders with nothing more than the aforementioned German passport. Why is this the case? Economically, Germany proved its citizens have unmatched work ethic by bouncing back from the devastation of World War II to becoming the most prosperous nation in Europe within 30 years. Germany remains the blueprint for industrialization in the Western world, with a seemingly bulletproof economy which has survived its own economic depressions, bouncing back stronger every time.

The German people have a reputation for a warmth and friendliness towards foreigners. There are more than 6 million German citizens of Turkish extraction in the country. The Berlin wall came down in 1990, signifying the union the unification of East and West Germany after 45 years of separation. It took a few years of teething problems, but now a united Germany lives in harmony. Germany continues to show the world how to be an extremely successful country, but remain humanistic in the process. As a result, the modern Germany has no real enemies, on the country, nations are queueing up to be their friends!


German Passport Power

German passport is the most powerful in the world. A passport’s power is measured by the amount of countries it has access to without the need of a visa upon entry. Many nations, particularly those from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and even some Latin American countries have passports that are extremely limited regarding where the holder can travel to without first applying for a visa that basically explains who they are and what their intentions are in visiting that country.

Such is the esteem that Germany is held in, it has access to no less than 177 nations visa free. Germany currently leads the 2017 World Passport Rankings ahead of Sweden with 176 countries, followed by the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Finland with 175 countries (although a post Brexit UK could fall dramatically). In fairness, most EU passports are extremely strong and grant the holder access to more than 160 countries without the need of a visa.


How To Obtain A German Passport

In order to legally obtain a German passport, one must first become a German citizen. There are several ways to achieve this.

  • By Birthright: In general, German citizenship is based both on “Jus Sanguinis” (Right of Blood), meaning your citizenship is decreed by the nationality of your parents, as well as “Jus Soli” (Right of Soil) which means that if one is born in Germany, they too have the right to call themselves a German citizen.
  • By Marriage: If an individual is married to a German national, after three years of being a legal resident in the Federal Republic of Germany, (two of which as married) they will have the right to naturalization.
  • Via Residency by Investment Program: If you aren’t German by birthright and you are unlikely to be marrying a German anytime soon, your best option is citizenship or residency by investment. By investing financially in Germany through a residency or citizenship program, an investor will secure German nationality and a passport for themselves and their family as well as establishing themselves an economic stake in the country, by virtue of a business or real estate purchase. are the market leaders in the second citizenship industry, whose goal is to find the perfect CBI (Citizenship By Investment) or Investor Visa program for individuals looking for a greater freedom of movement. Wealthy, high net worth individuals from Asia, Africa and the Middle East often find themselves hamstrung by their nationality and their passport, and the acquisition of second citizenship – often to an EU country – and resulting ownership of a far more powerful passport is literally life-changing, both in terms of finance of general freedom.

Officially, Germany has an investor visa program; while investor visa programs are less expensive than CBI programs, they are far slower and time-consuming, often taking five or more years before the investor is eligible to apply for full German citizenship. That said, has the necessary contacts within the German government to significantly speed up this process, effectively turning the German residency program into a CBI program.

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