While the European Union and the Caribbean remain the two most popular locations for second citizenship, the rest of the world is also opening up, with more nations coming forward and offering their own investor programs. One of the most exciting to recently emerge is that of Nicaragua, primarily as it offers a powerful passport with complete access to Europe – both East and West.

Despite the criticism and complaints from snipers and decenters from both the US senate and the European parliament, not to mention local governments in countries ranging from Dominica in the Caribbean to Malta in the Mediterranean, there has never been more options available for people who want second citizenship – and a better passport. Citizenship by Investment (CBI) and the Golden Visa-style permanent residency program is here to stay. What began in the Caribbean with St. Kitts and Nevis way back in 1984 and spread to the European Union is now a world-wide phenomenon, with new nations coming forward each year offering exciting citizenship and residency programs.


Dare To Dream It

Thanks to second citizenship, just because someone has been born to a country that is currently cast in the role of a pariah state, it no longer means that that person should go through their life paying for that country’s sins. For example, if you are an Iranian, an Iraqi, an Afghan or a Somali, you no longer need to be judged, profiled or even victimized on sight for your nationality, because you can now get a new one!

As long as you have the financial means necessary, and you are able to pass a stringent background check, you can become a dual-nation citizen. That means that when you enter another country, you are free to avoid the usual stigma and instead use the citizenship and passport of your new nation.

So if you are Iraqi or Somali, you could also be Maltese, Portuguese or Hungarian. If you are an Afghan or an Iranian, you could also be Guatemalan, Dominican or St Lucian. In fact you could pretty much be whatever you want. If that nation has a citizenship or investor program, you will most likely be able to one day own that nation’s passport. Exciting, isn’t it? Dare to dream it, and you will become it!


Nicaraguan Citizenship Program

One of the most exciting recent additions to the citizenship/residency roster is the Nicaraguan Citizenship by Investment program. The Central American Republic of Nicaragua is a former Spanish colony which borders Costa Rica and Honduras, and has coastlines to both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It has a multi-ethnic population of six million people, which includes indigenous Nicaraguans as well as those of European, African and Asian descent, and while multiple languages are spoken, officially Nicaragua’s languages are Spanish and English. Its capital is Managua, a sprawling, coastal city of 2.2 million people, famed for its blend of modern superstructures and beautifully maintained, original Spanish-style buildings.

From 1962 to 1990, Nicaragua suffered from a 28-year “revolution” which was more akin to a civil war. The protagonists were the ruling Samoza government, and the opposing FSLN, popularly known as the Sandinistas. At various times during the conflict, the Samoza government was backed by such diverse nations as the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Pakistan, while the FSLN had the support of the Soviet Union, Greece, Mexico and Sweden, among others. Clearly the Nicaraguan revolution had a global impact, and even affected the music scene, with the British punk rock band The Clash naming their fourth album “Sandinista!” The Sandinistas took control of the country in 1979, and embarked on a decade of reforming Nicaragua educationally, culturally and economically.

In 1990, Nicaragua underwent free general elections, and the Sandinista party were voted out, and the country has been run democratically ever since. In recent years, under the presidency of current leader Daniel Ortega, there has been a dramatic upsurge in the overall standard of living, education and healthcare. Nicaragua has benefited from substantial US investment, and America is also its main trading partner, with 54% of Nicaragua’s exports going to the US.

The tourism market in Nicaragua has exploded in recent years, thanks to its beautiful beaches, deep rainforests full of exotic wildlife, its warm, welcoming people and wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. Whether it be for a romantic break, an eco-touristic inland adventure, a vacation based around water sports, or an adventurous family holiday, Nicaragua is proving to be an excellent, unforgettable and unique location.

A highlight of any holiday to Nicaragua will be a trip to “La Isla de Ometepe”, the near-mythical Ometepe Island. Set in the vast Lake Nicaragua, Ometepe is a volcanic (it actually has twin volcanoes) island features both dry tropical forest and rainforest, once again full of exotic creatures including rare birds and monkeys. In 2010 Ometepe Island was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


Benefits Of Nicaraguan Residency/Citizenship

If you are a high net worth investor from Asia, Africa or the Middle East, chances are that you are visiting 2ndPassports.com and reading this article because you are considering second citizenship and a passport more powerful than your current one. If your funds are limited and for the time being at least, an EU investor program or a Caribbean citizenship by investment package is a little out of your price range, Nicaragua is an excellent alternative, as it offers tremendous value for money, and a passport that packs a real punch.

Nicaragua’s neighbors Costa Rica, which, as you are probably aware, is one of the most en-vogue places on the planet right now, and was voted The Happiest Country In The World by the New Economics Foundation. Accordingly, property in Costa Rica is expensive by Central American standards, but here’s where it gets interesting; Nicaragua shares much of the same geography as Costa Rica, the same beautiful coastline and rich rainforests, not to mention friendly locals, and yet right now, real estate and the cost of living in general in Nicaragua is the cheapest in all of Central America.

The Nicaraguan passport has visa-free access to 112 countries, and crucially those countries include Western, Central and Eastern Europe. What that means is as a Nicaraguan citizen and passport holder, you would be able to travel to countries as diverse as the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Russia, the Ukraine and Georgia, all without the need of a visa.

Here are just some of the benefits gained from becoming a citizen of Nicaragua via its residency program:

  • A Powerful Passport, ranked in the Top 50 Passports in the World
  • Visa Free Travel to 112 countries
  • Access to all 26 Schengen Zone Countries
  • Passport has 5 year validity and renewable for life
  • No Minimum Residency Required When Applying For Citizenship
  • Nicaraguan National Identity Card Included In Residency Program
  • Nicaraguan Driver’s License Included In Residency Program


How To Apply For Nicaraguan Residency

Obtaining Nicaraguan residency is a straightforward process, with two available options for an investor to pursue.

  • Corporate Investment: Make a US$100,000 investment into the country via a Nicaraguan “Sociedad Anónima” corporation
  • Real Estate Purchase: Purchase real estate in Nicaragua for a minimum value of US$100,000

It’s that simple and economical. Once you become a Nicaraguan resident, you can begin the process of citizenship. With 2ndPassports.com’s assistance, you will gain your Nicaraguan citizenship and that life-changing second passport within a matter of months!



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