The UK is still going through the after effects of Brexit, which left a large portion of the nation shocked. New developments are happening with each passing day, and the nation still seems to be divided. While a number of British nationals are content with the decision to leave the EU, some are busy wondering what lays ahead.

Sigmar Gabriel, German Vice-Chancellor, hinted that the EU countries may be looking at offering dual nationality to British citizens who live in France, Germany, or Italy, in order to enable them to live without any issues. This specially concerns young students getting education in other European countries.

The statement comes at a time when British citizens staying abroad are busy worrying about their future. Italian PM, Matteo Renzi, called the situation sad’.

There is a lot of speculation on the future of such students, but nothing has been announced yet. The UK is still a part of the EU, which means its citizens presently have the right to move anywhere in the EU; but what will happen once Brexit comes fully into effect? They will most probably have to deal with issues like other nationals do.

For example, they will have to apply be able to apply for a German citizenship given that they meet the conditions that include excellent command over German language, eight years of stay (may be less in some cases), and a naturalisation test. However, there is a good news for British nationals; unlike other foreigners, they will not be needing to let go of their British nationality if they choose to get German citizenship. Other European countries like Sweden and France may also soon announce special policies for British nationals.

Many British citizens consider dual citizenship to be the solution to this problem, since the UK allows this. It will not be wrong to state that dual citizenship can be a solution to a number of issues allowing you to live in two countries without any issues, and enjoy benefits of a second passport.

Many countries including the United States offer dual citizenship. If you would like to know more about your options or apply for a second passport, get in touch with us. We’d love to offer you the help that you need.[/column]

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