Many now believe that Brexit was a con, sold to the under-educated, working class elderly UK masses by a bunch of manipulative, self-motivated politicians off the back of a fusillade of lies and false promises. The question is, what is the PM Theresa May and the British government going to do about it?

So the great British public (or 51% of them, predominantly white, working class and over-50) have voted and decided that they meaning Britain – will be better off on their own. They don’t want any more immigrants in their country, they don’t want to pay the EU £1 billion a month, and they want England to be great again.


The Lies That Led To Brexit

If the masses voted to end large scale immigration, then they wasted their votes. When it comes to the amount of EU workers allowed to enter Britain, the reality is there will be little if any change in the UK’s policy on immigration. Just listen to this amazing exchange between Tory out-campaigner Daniel Hannan and an incredulous BBC Newsnight presenter Evan Davis on the program soon after the referendum:


As for that extra £1 billion a month filtering back into the UK, that too was proven to be a lie. Within one hour of the result of the referendum being announced, UKIP leader and staunch Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage did a complete about-turn on his claim that leaving the EU would free up £350 million a week to spend on the NHS (National Health Service). Listen to him being exposed on ITV’s This Morning:

And regarding Britain being great again, having the fifth-strongest economy in the world behind the USA, China, Japan and Germany was about as great as it was going to get for Britain, and since Brexit they have already slipped to sixth, behind France. Britain is a relatively small country that doesn’t even have its own auto industry. The UK kissed goodbye to its empire decades ago. Realistically, there is only so much wheeling and dealing a country with limited resources can do, and Britain have actually been punching well above their weight for years.

Being part of the EU made Britain significant. As a country of 60-plus million people, Britain where on a par with France as the second most powerful player in Europe, behind Germany. When we spoke, EU countries listened.

Who’s listening now? Nobody is going to do Britain any favors. Not Europe. Not the USA. Not China.

Reportedly millions of Britons who voted for Brexit would vote to remain in Europe if there was a second referendum. 75% of voters aged 18-24 voted to remain in the EU. The over-60s legacy to their children and grandchildren is Brexit, and every disaster that will come with it.


Brexit Is Not Legally Binding

The good news is there is a way out of this mess; pretend it never happened. Brexit is not legally binding and merely advisory. If Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May who was very much in the remain camp – wants to, she is perfectly within her rights to take the matter to a vote amongst MPs of all parties. Thus far, she has shown no sign doing so, but then again, she has hardly seemed in a rush to activate Article 50 and get the whole leaving-the-EU ball rolling. Maybe she is hoping for some divine intervention, or inspiration.


 Brexit And The British Passport

One thing out campaigners clearly didn’t take into consideration is how much leaving the EU could hamper that most working-class of British traditions; the summer holiday abroad, most likely in France, Spain, Greece, Portugal or Italy. For decades now, Brits have increasingly forsaken their own beaches for cheap holidays in Europe where they can often enjoy the same food and beer as they have at home with the luxury of sun, sea and sand.

Online second citizenship and investment specialists have warned that the British passport currently ranked the joint-third strongest in the world behind those of Germany and Sweden could soon be losing a lot of its authority, particularly in Europe.

A passport´s power is based on the amount of countries it can access without the need of a visa. Currently, the UK passport has access to 175 countries visa free, but should the 27 nations remaining in the EU decide to play hardball, that figure could drop as low as 148, but more significantly Brits looking to take their summer holidays on the French Riviera, Spain’s Costa del Sol or Portugal’s Algarve will first need to go through the long-winded process of applying for a visa. This will involve such things as background checks, and when that happens, the sins of the past however trivial have a habit of emerging, and people who previously had no trouble traveling abroad may suddenly find such a luxury a thing of the past.


Second Citizenship Options

If it is essential for you that you remain an EU passport holder because of your business or lifestyle of whatever such reason, an option might be looking at your heritage to see if you have the right to a second passport by bloodline. If you think you might be entitled to an Irish passport for example, contact for verification. You may have a parent or grandparent from an EU country, and that could entitle you to a second passport. If you are curious, contact us and we will help to verify your position.

Of course, for high net-worth individuals a guaranteed way of maintaining their EU status is Citizenship by Investment (CBI). Why not check out the website to learn more and see for yourself the range of CBI options on offer.

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