It might seem incredible to the vast majority of the general public but if you have the desire and the finances you can literally buy second citizenship to another country while retaining your original passport. More and more countries are opening their doors to Citizenship by Investment, including Russia, the USA and the UK, giving those who want or need to become economic passport holders the opportunity to do so.


What Exactly Is Second Citizenship?

Second Citizenship by Investment is pretty much what it says it is if you are prepared to put sufficient investment funds into a specific country, the government of that country will reward you with its citizenship. Depending on the country, that citizenship will also apply to your spouse and your children.

The criteria demanded of the applicant, the amount to be invested, time spent within that country and the duration of residency prior to receiving citizenship vary from country to country. The bottom line is when the process is complete, the successful applicant will become a dual citizen, holder of both their original passport plus that of a new country, opening up new realms of both business and civil possibilities.


Four Of The Best Second Citizenship Options Today are based in Switzerland, and we also have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Guatemala, the Caribbean, Russia, Germany and the USA. On our homepage we list the countries that we offer outstanding Citizenship by Investment programs for, and that we can assist in helping you attain citizenship to as quickly and smoothly as possible.


Portugal Citizenship

Portugal is one of the most popular choices for Citizenship by Investment, and it’s not hard to see why. Situated on the Iberian peninsula to the west of Spain, Portugal is a beautiful country blessed with superb weather conditions and warm, friendly locals. Portugal’s full E.U membership means that you are free to travel unhindered throughout Western Europe’s 26-nation Schengen region. As an E.U passport holder, you would also be able to live and work in any European country you choose for as long as you like.

While Portugal is a perfect location to live and raise a family, the Portuguese government puts few restrictions on how much time you actually spend in their country, requiring you spend just 21 days during your first three years of residency. Beneficially, if you spend less than 180 days in Portugal per-year you won’t be eligible to pay any tax other than property tax.


Malta Citizenship

Malta is an island country in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy. Its population of 450,000 speak both Maltese and English as their main languages. It is a Catholic country and a member of the British Commonwealth. Malta is an E.U member state, and offers one of the very best Citizenship by Investment programs available, although with a limit on 1,800 economic passports up for grabs, it’s not going to last forever.

What makes gaining a Maltese passport so great? For one, obtaining a Maltese passport is among the fastest of any E.U member state, and the process of citizenship can be completed within 12 months (most other E.U countries take five years or more). As a holder of a full E.U passport you can travel visa-free to more than 180 countries. You can also live and work anywhere in Europe for as long as you choose.


Guatemala Citizenship

Guatemala is a Central American country located south of Mexico, notable for its rainforests, steep volcanoes and ancient Mayan sites. Because of these factors, Guatemala is a popular tourist destination, visited by more than 2 million tourists annually. For the more traditional holidaymaker, Guatemala also has stunning beaches and breathtaking unspoiled Pacific coastline.

Guatemala is also one of the cheapest and fastest routes to second citizenship in the world. A minimum investment of just $60,000 is required, and citizenship can be approved in as little as 45 days.

A Guatemala passport entitles the user to visa-free travel to 114 countries which includes most of Latin America and crucially all of Western and Eastern Europe including the Schengen region.


Russia Citizenship

In 2015 Russia launched its own Citizenship by Investment program, and it is already one of the better value options on the economic passport market. Russia is serious about opening up its borders to foreign investment, and it is already the favored location for many wealthy Chinese businesspeople, plus those who’ve become cash-rich in those oil states that were members of the former Soviet Union like Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, many of whom are entitled to dual citizenship with Russia.

For the foreign investor, citizenship to Russia offers a lot. Aside from a passport that entitles the holder to visa-free travel to more than 100 countries, it is Russia’s tax system that is especially alluring. No matter one’s personal wealth, their individual tax is fixed at 13%, while business tax is set at just 20%. Needless to say, these rates are far better than those of every other major country in the world.

Russia is also one of the nations that can dramatically speed up ones application for. If you can impress on us that you are in an emergency situation and that time is of the greatest importance to you, we can rush through your application and deliver you your Russian citizenship within just 60 days. For further information send us a message via our Fast Track button on our homepage.


How To Buy A Second Citizenship

With more than a decade’s experience working in the economic passport sector, are the market leader in providing both businesspeople and asylum seekers and refugees with second citizenship.

If you are interested in obtaining second-citizenship using a Citizenship by Investment program, feel free to contact today via our phone or Skype lines (all fully encrypted) for a chat. If you would prefer to leave a message, you can contact us using email, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Our representatives are waiting to take your calls and reply to your enquiries, and set you on your way toward obtaining your second passport, a document that may dramatically change your life for the better!



Second Citizenship Programs

Georgia Temporary Residence€25,000 Temporary Residency10 Days
Georgia Permanent Residence€40,000 Permanent Residency15 Days
Guatemala$60,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee2 Months
Turkey€65,000 Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee 60 Working Days
Costa Rica$65,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee4 Months
Hungary€75,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Mexico€80,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee6 Months
Dominica$90,000Government Investment2 Months
Nicaragua$100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee60 Working Days
Greece€95,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Russia$100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee45 Days
Poland€100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee5 Months
Iceland€100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Ireland€150,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Saint Lucia$200,000Real Estate Investment6 Months
St Kitts & Nevis$290,000Real Estate Investment6 Months
Antigua & Barbuda$290,000Real Estate Investment2-4 Months
Belgium€300,000Government Investment3 Months
Germany€350,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee90 Working Days
United States$500,000Government Investment2 Months
Portugal€500,000Government Investment4 Months
Malta€1millionGovernment Investment3-4 Months
United Kingdom£1millionGovernment Investment2 Months
Austria€2millionGovernment Investment1 Months
Cyprus€3millionReal Estate Investment3-4 Months
Australia$3millionGovernment Investment6 Months



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More and more countries are opening their doors to Citizenship by Investment, including Russia, the USA and the UK, giving those who want or need to become economic passport holders the opportunity to do so.
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