The annual IPS is one of the biggest events on the Golden Visa calendar, and Spain, Portugal, Malta, Greece and Cyprus will be among the countries showcasing their citizenship by investment and investor visa programs at the 13th International Property Show (IPS) in Dubai from April 2-4

The 13th annual International Property Show (IPS) will be held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from April 2-4. The focus of this year’s show will be the burgeoning Citizenship by Investment (CBI) and Golden Visa industry, which is helping to stimulate the property markets in countries across the world from such areas as the Caribbean, Central America, Australasia, North America and the European Union.

Regular visitors to and indeed anyone with an interest in second citizenship will be well aware of the CBI and Golden Visa industry, the subtle but distinct differences between obtaining residency, permanent residency and citizenship, and also know that in most cases, programs are based around a financial investment, which is usually either a government bond acquisition, a charitable financial donation, or the purchase of a piece of real estate.


CBI And Golden Visa Help Stimulate Property Markets

The best option from the investor’s perspective is normally the real estate purchase. It guarantees the investor has something to show for their money (as well as their citizenship or residency), and they can then make money on their investment either by renting it out, or by selling it after a decreed time period (normally five years.) Countries whose programs feature the option of a real estate purchase include Spain, Portugal, Malta, Greece, St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda and Dominica.

CBI and Golden Visa programs have proved to be a mutual beneficial transaction in which all parties win. The investor normally hails from Africa, Asia or the Middle East, usually from a restrictive, repressive nation. The individual’s citizenship and passport are holding them back in life. Acquiring second citizenship and a new passport will grant them a freedom of travel and an increased level of personal respect that they could only previously have dreamed of.

For their part, the country in question benefits from the initial cash injection from the investor’s property purchase. However it is often the case that the investor will choose to remain in their new country with their family, and continue to invest there, often by establishing a business. This has certainly been the case with Chinese investors in Canada, Spain and Portugal for example.

In the case of EU countries like the aforementioned Spain and Portugal as well as Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Hungary, their investor visa programs have helped stimulate their property and construction industry during a period of economic downturn.


Continued Interest From The Middle Eastern Market

It is no accident that recent editions of the International Property Show have been held in the UAE. Since Beijing in 2011 and Moscow in 2012, the IPS has been the domain of Dubai, and this will be the fifth-straight year the show has been held there. Each year, the number of Middle Eastern buyers keen to invest in Europe and the Caribbean increases.

While the official line from most Middle Eastern countries is that dual citizenship is not allowed, unofficially this is clearly not the case. The majority of Arabic countries have passports that allow for extremely limited visa-free travel, and so it makes sense for ambitious businesspeople hailing from countries like Saudi Arabia, the Lebanon and Iran to invest in second citizenship to a country like Malta or Cyprus, and then reap the benefit of an EU passport with access to around 170 countries visa-free. Ironically, the UAE has the best performing passport in the Middle East, with access to 131 countries.


Europe’s Continued Popularity

“Demand for property in the European countries is high and the Golden Visas is an added advantage. As such it was important that the International Property Show facilitates a platform which connects the investors to these countries for quick and easy access to a second passport,” said Dawood Al Shezawi, CEO of Strategic Marketing & Exhibitions the organizers of the International Property Show.

“Housing is an economic asset, an investment and a market commodity. Many European countries offer residency by investment options to individuals who wish to purchase real estate or perform a strategic investment in the economy.”

This year’s IPS will see the organizers of citizenship and residency programs offering investors more flexible investment terms, allowing for increased and easier access to the best in real estate and properties in multiple countries from around the world. The CBI and Golden Visa markets are certainly on the increase and many more countries are now considering opening their doors to residency and citizenship by investment programs, say industry insiders.

However, statistically the CBI and Golden Visa programmes of Spain, Portugal, Malta, Greece and Cyprus remain the most prominent, and most popular. According to official data, Portugal has granted 4,202 Golden Visas since the creation of its program in 2012. While 80% of Portugal’s investors come from China and a large number hail from Brazil, many have been snapped up by Middle Eastern investors who know that after five years of residence, they will be able to apply for full Portuguese citizenship and that all-important EU passport.

Thanks to Dubai’s continued support and promotion of the International Property Show, the number of wealthy individuals from Middle Eastern countries who are made aware of the benefits of second citizenship will continue to grow, and will no doubt reflect on an increase in Arabic applicants for CBI and Golden Visas in the years to come.

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