The Chinese economy continues to grow at a faster rate than any other major power and the world is becomes increasingly reliant on comparatively cheap Chinese industry.

While millions of Chinese have benefitted from this long-term economic boom, China’s human-rights record remains poor, and the country’s levels of pollution increasingly dangerous.

For these two main reasons, many Chinese citizens wish to leave their native land for a new life in Russia or in the West, or obtain a Caribbean passport to enjoy the discreet banking and favorable taxes of countries like St Kits and Nevis, Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda.

Why Leave China?

  • The increasing threat of theft and violence from organized crime
  • Corruption free business and investment opportunities in Russia and the West
  • A better overall standard of living in Russia or in the West
  • To obtain dual nationality for oneself and one’s children*

*Chinese children born abroad automatically obtain foreign nationality, making them eligible to attend international schools in China which are often off-limits to Chinese nationals.


Offshore Tax Havens

Thousands of wealthy Chinese business people rely on the discreet banks and miniscule taxes that the Caribbean Islands are renowned for to safeguard their wealth and assets. If you are a Chinese citizen looking to move your money to a location where your government cannot access it, will guarantee you full privacy and anonymity throughout the second citizenship process.


Your Dual Nationality Is Your Business

At we believe that everyone barring criminals – should have access to the same level of travel and opportunity, no matter their country of birth. If the only way that an individual can obtain that level of freedom is through dual nationality, then so be it.

China currently does not recognize dual nationality. However, if you are Chinese and you wish to obtain a second passport nonetheless, your application, citizenship process and subsequent receipt of your documents for your new nationality will be dealt with in the strictest confidence by


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