In a shocking story that is making all of the world’s major news outlets, the Chinese authorities have forced millions of residents in China’s mainly Muslim northwestern Xinjiang territory to surrender their passports to local police. Civil rights groups have been quick to brand the move as an attack on the citizens of Xingjiang’s personal freedom.

Around ten million of Xingjiang’s 23 million inhabitants have been ordered to hand over their passports to the police. The order was delivered by the Shihezi Public Security Bureau Immigration Office in Xinjiang last month. The official line is that the passports would be held by police while they completed a so-called “annual check.” However, human rights groups are not buying this, and instead are viewing the move as motivated by China’s growing anti-Islamic stance. The German-based World Uyghur Congress claimed that the action was a deliberate attempt to restrict the movements of the Uyghur population, and in a statement said:

“Although the regulations ostensibly target all residents, Chinese authorities in the past have taken clear steps to limit mobility rights for the Uyghur community in particular.”


Significance of Xinjiang


Xinjiang is an ethnically divided state, and approximately ten million of its population are Uyghurs – Muslims who descend from Turkey. The Uyghurs of Xingjiang form by far the highest concentration of Muslims in China. Xinjiang was once an autonomous state with a mainly Muslim population, but in 1949 it became part of the People’s Republic of China. The area is rich in resources, and in the ensuing decades millions of Han Chinese moved there for work, their numbers eventually surpassing those of the Uyghurs.

Tensions began to rise between the two ethnic groups, with the Uyghurs claiming their rights to practice Islam were infringed upon, with the Chinese government closing down of several Mosques, and banning civil servants the right to observe the feast of Ramadan. The Uyghurs  also felt that the Han Chinese were consistently given the best paid jobs, so their living standards rose while those of the Uyghurs declined rapidly.

It wasn’t long before Uyghur separatist groups formed, with some becoming militant. The Chinese government has blamed these groups for causing civil unrest, inciting riots, and being behind a number of terrorist attacks in recent years. The results have led to the deaths of hundreds of Chinese civilians.


Are You A Chinese Muslim?


Unfortunately, and in a similar pattern to which we have seen take place in the US, UK and France, the actions of a small number of Islamic militants has tainted an entire people. The Chinese government’s heavy-handed tactics in Xinjiang are surely not justified, but at the same time are not entirely unexpected. After all, this is a government that thought nothing of machine-gunning approximately 1000 unarmed pro-democracy demonstrators in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Subtlety has never bee their strongpoint.

However, the facts are that China’s stance on Islam is unlikely to soften, and if anything their resolve and their methods look like becoming increasingly tough. The result is a particularly bleak looking future for the millions of hard-working, law-abiding Chinese Muslims, of which there are an estimated 23.5 million.

The logical move for wealthy Chinese Muslims would be to leave while they still can, and while they can take their fortune with them, and the surest way of guaranteeing a bright new future in a peaceful, civilized, democratic land is by investing in a Citizenship by Investment program with an EU country.


Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is the legal practice of a country granting its citizenship and passport to a financial investor – providing that the investor can pass a stringent background security check. The number of nations offering CBI programs is increasing at an almost annual rate, with the European Union and the Caribbean being the most sought after locations. EU nations who offer CBI programs include Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary and Malta. An EU passport holder can travel to more than 160 countries visa-free. EU citizens are also free to live and work in any European Union nation without time limitation.

Many high net-worth individuals from areas like the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia often need to increase their freedom of travel and the number of countries in which they can comfortably work and bank with, and for them ownership of an E.U passport is a game-changer. However for people fleeing from an increasing oppressive regime like those Muslims looking to leave China, it is far more than that – it is potentially a life-saver.


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