Below is an “at-a-glance” comparison graph listing countries that offer Citizenship by Investment and Residence by Investment programs to foreign nationals.

Belize, Grenada, Panama, Ireland have discontinued citizenship programs

Minimum Investment Dual Nationality Personal Visit Needed Residency Program Citizenship by Investment
Austria EUR 2 million yes (only CBI) yes no no (program defunct)
Antigua & Barbuda USD 290,000 yes ) yes no yes (caribbean passport)
Belgium EUR 300,000 yes yes yes (passport after 5 years with no residency requirements) no
Bulgaria EUR 500,000 yes yes (passport after 10 years) no (unofficial)
Canada CAD 800,000 (Quebec) yes yes yes (Passport after spending 1095 days plus holding PR 2years) no
Cyprus EUR 3 million (real estate) yes yes no yes (no residency requirement)
Dominica USD 90,000 yes yes yes
Grenada USD 200,000 yes no yes
Greece USD 250,000 (real estate) possible yes yes (citizenship not possible under this program) no
Hungary EUR 250,000 (Govt bonds) yes yes yes (passport after 8 years) no
Hong Kong HK$ 10 million not recognized yes yes no
Iceland yes yes yes no (suspended)
Portugal EUR 500,000 (golden visa real estate) yes yes (residency requirement of approx 7days/year) yes (passport after 6 years) no
Spain EUR 500,000 (real estate golden visa) not possible for foreigners (except spanish speaking countries) yes (no obligatory residency requirements) yes (passport after 10 years of residency) no
Switzerland CHF 250,000/year (Lump sum program) yes yes yes (passport after 12 years but not guaranteed) no
St.Kitts and Nevis USD 290,000 yes no yes (caribbean passport – no residency requirements)
United Kingdom GBP 1 million (UK Investor) yes yes yes (UK passport possible 5 years but must spend 9 months/year) no
United States USD 500,000 (EB5 Investor) yes yes yes (passport after 5 years and spend 2.5 years in US) no
Latvia EUR 150,000 real estate in capital Riga yes yes yes – Temporary residence permit for 5yrs and then permanent residence no
Singapore Min of SG$ 2.5 million (approx US$ 2 million) no yes yes no
Monaco EUR 1 million and above no yes yes no
Malta approx EUR 1 million (Malta IIP) yes no no yes (Passport after 12-15 months after proving residency)
Montenegro EUR 500,000 no yes yes no (suspended)
Slovakia unknown
Slovenia unknown
United States USD 500,000 yes yes yes (Green card and spend 2.5 years residency in US to qualify for US passport) no
New Zealand NZ$ 1.5 million (approx US$ 1.1 million) yes yes no
Bahamas USD 500,000 real estate no yes yes no
Panama Min USD 60,000 on Temporary Residence yes yes yes yes ($350k bank deposit)



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