The island nation of Cyprus is a well-respected and long-established European member state located in the Eastern Mediterranean off the coast of Italy. The country is a major hub for international trade and a popular tourist destination. In 2012/13 Cyprus suffered a banking crisis that led to an E.U bailout. Because of this, the Cypriot government encourages all levels of investment in their country.

80% of the population of Cyprus are Christians (Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus), and more than 75% speak English.


Key Benefits of Citizenship by Investment in Cyprus

  • 100% Real Estate Investment all of your investment remains your property
  • Visa free travel to over 170 countries including Europe, the US and Canada
  • Excellent Transport & Telecommunication
  • Cypriot passport within 3-4 months
  • No residency requirement


Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

The Cypriot Government will award their passport and their citizenship to high net worth investors who make substantial investments in their country.

The required investment is 2.5 million in real estate* or bank deposits

There are no residency requirements and the investor will receive ownership of their Cypriot passport within 3-4 months

* recommends investors choose the real estate option. Currently does not recommend the bank deposit option because of the recent banking bailout crisis in Cyprus.

After 3 years the investor is free to sell their real estate. can connect the investor with local real-estate specialists who can help with approved developments, and maximize the investment’s profitability.


Cypriot Passport

The cypriot passport has worldwide reputation and has visa free travel over 120 countries including EU, Canada, UK. We offer full assistance and quality service from start to finish for the Cyprus investment program.



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