Second Citizenship, Citizenship by Investment, Dual Citizenship, Second Passport; these are all terms that have become buzzwords in the business world in recent years. They are all terms to describe the phenomenon of obtaining a second passport for the purpose of freedom of movement and improving one’s business opportunities.


There are two main reasons high net-worth investors need second passports:

  1. A) To access more countries visa-free and to be able to live and work in more countries without time limit. The passports that are best suited for these purposes are those of the European Union.
  2. B) To safeguard one’s assets and pay as little tax as possible if any. The passports best suited for these purposes are those of the Caribbean Islands and Central America.


Who Is Dan Bilzerian?


For those few people on the planet not aware of Dan Bilzerian, he is the son of the infamous 1980’s corporate raider Paul Bilzerian, a man who made an estimated $800 million in his time, and who may have been the inspiration for the character of Gordon Gekko in Oliver Stone’s Oscar winning movie Wall Street. Paul Bilzerian was busted by the FBI, did some hard time but managed to keep hold of his wealth and now lives in the Bahamas.


Dan Bilzerian is a former US Marine and failed Navy Seal who now spends his days jet-setting around the world, shooting guns and blowing up stuff while all the while surrounded by a bevy of scantily clad young women. Bilzerian loves guns, girls, jets, boats, jeeps, large piles of cash, and of course, his two Persian cats that go everywhere with him.

His constant documentation and publication of his lifestyle over social media has earned him the title the King of Instagram.

Dan claims he has made his money playing poker and wheeling and dealing on the stock market. Some think he’s just spending his inheritance. Whatever he’s doing, he sure looks to be having a lot of fun.


And Adam Bilzerian?


Far more low-key is younger brother Adam. Adam was also in the military and once had dreams of becoming a Green Beret. He is also a poker player, but is nowhere near as high-profile as Big Brother Dan.

Several years ago, Adam became disgruntled with his country’s continued treatment of his father. He decided to move to St Kitts and Nevis and seek dual citizenship by embarking on a citizenship by investment program. He invested $400,000 into a project being developed by hotel magnates Marriott’s. Bilzerian then went so far as to renounce his citizenship to the US, and write a series of scathing books about the land of his birth with titles like America: love it or leave it so I left. He still lives happily in St Kitts and Nevis.


Why Second Citizenship Would Work For You

Adam Bilzerian clearly has his own personal grievances against the US, but aside from renouncing American citizenship (which was a bad move), he did everything else right. If you are in a position to make a substantial investment in St Kitts and Nevis, it is a no-lose situation.

The real estate is only going to increase in value, but in the meantime you will gain second citizenship to St Kitts and Nevis, giving you access to their exceptionally discreet and creative banking system, as well as being in a position to benefit from their ludicrously low taxation. All of this will no-doubt come as a pleasant change from the current high taxes and ever-more flaccid banking of the United States.


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