Dominica is a Carribean Country with affordable living costs.

Dominica Officially The Commonwealth of Dominica, this beautiful island boasts pristine sandy beaches, lush green mountains, acres of unspoiled tropical rainforests, and some of the best diving and hiking in the Caribbean. A diverse blend of English, French, African and Carib peoples and cultures, Dominica is a politically and economically stable state with the lowest crime rate in the region. The Economic Citizenship Program Dominica offers applicants a wealth of benefits and privileges.


Dominica Investment

The investment options for obtaining citizenship status in Dominica are as follows:

A. Single applicant

A single applicant will be required to make an investment of US$100,000.

B. Family application I

(Applicant + spouse)

An investment of US$175,000 qualifies the applicant and the applicant’s spouse for citizenship.

C. Family application II

(Applicant + spouse + 2 children under 18)

An investment of US$200,000 qualifies the applicant, the applicant’s spouse and two children under 18 years for citizenship.

D. Family application III

(Applicant + spouse + 3 children under 18)

An investment of US$350,000 qualifies the applicant, the applicant’s spouse and three children under 18 years for citizenship. An investment of US$50,000 is required for each additional child under 18 years.


Interview Requirements

Applicants must attend a compulsory interview to qualify for the Economic Citizenship Program Dominica. Interviews are usually held in Dominica, which means the applicant will have to travel. In some cases, an interview in an alternative country can be arranged at the expense of the applicant.


Steps and Timelines

The following table breaks down the Dominica program process into nine basic steps. Some require the applicant’s involvement while others are taken care of by Each step must be completed before continuing to the next.





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