Remember when dual citizenship was cool? When if you found out someone you knew maybe even a celebrity had dual nationality, it made them instantly more sophisticated? Well, dual citizenship is still cool and sophisticated, but now it’s become a whole lot more.

In the modern business world dual citizenship can be the difference between being a jet setting, go anywhere globetrotting tycoon and being stuck in a rut, with limited investment opportunities and an ever growing tax burden. Having a second passport opens doors that would be otherwise shut, making the previously impossible achievable.

But just because most of us were not born with the blessing of dual citizenship doesn’t mean we cannot aspire to achieving that status (and sophistication). Thanks to the internet and websites like, getting legal citizenship and a passport to a second country and massively boosting your business opportunities in a stroke has never been easier.

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Is Getting Dual Citizenship Easy?

Log on to, scroll down their homepage and take a look at the programs on offer. Each country you see listed is offering you Citizenship by Investment which in the simplest of terms means if you are prepared to make a specific financial donation to said country and are willing to fulfill their residency demands however minimal they might be that country will reward you with full citizenship and a passport. You will have the exact same rights as any person who was born and raised in that country. It’s that simple.


Are Some Second Citizenship Programs Better Than Others?

Each Citizenship by Investment program listed on is different, but each has its benefits. That said, there are some locational generalizations that can be made.


E.U Citizenship

For example, ownership of any E.U member state passport, be it for the small island country of Malta or for the economic powerhouse that is the UK allows the holder the exact same benefits: as an E.U citizen you are entitled to visa free travel to more than 170 countries worldwide. You are able to travel freely throughout the 26 nation Schengen region of Western Europe, and you are also free to live and work in any Western European country you choose, and for as long as you like.


Caribbean Citizenship

In general, all Caribbean islands have two things in common, a location akin to paradise itself and banks that are the model of discretion. The Caribbean principalities listed on are Antigua and Aruba, St Kitts and Nevis and Dominica. All three are blessed with some of the most breathtaking scenery and beaches known to man, and banking systems that the world’s wealthiest individuals and companies use to store their cash. Taxes are low, and life is good!

So while you might not get the same level of visa free travel you would with an E.U passport, and you are not as free to live and work in as many countries, you can enjoy hanging on to much more of your hard earned money than you would if you were to leave it all sitting in a European bank.


Russian Citizenship

If you are looking to make a lot of money in one of the brave new frontiers of business, Russian citizenship might be just what you are looking for. In 2015 Russia announced its own Citizenship by Investment program, and already it is one of the very best on the market. Clearly Russian wants (and needs) foreign investment, so their terms are extremely favourable. A minimal financial investment of just $100,000 plus a basic knowledge of the Russian language gets you citizenship and a Russian passport. Your investment can then be used to establish your own business.

Taxes in Russia are the most favourable of any major country, with business tax set at 20% and individual tax no higher than 13% max.

If Russian citizenship is something that interests you, can help you achieve that goal in a fraction of the normal time. If you can impress on us that you are in an emergency situation, we can supply you with your Russian passport in less than 60 days, with our Fast Track service. For more information on this feature, scroll down our homepage and click on the button marked IN A HURRY? This service is also available for citizenship to several other countries including the tax and banking haven of Guatemala.


What Can Do For Me?

Clearly, if you are serious about business, finance and investment, you can see how dual citizenship is something that will be greatly beneficial to you. However, as a busy individual with limited time, acquiring second citizenship should not be something that you attempt on your own. The process is laborious, complex and frustrating and best left to experts like

Since our inception in 2004, has helped thousands of people both from the business sector and also political refugees to gain that all important second passport. We guarantee to do 99% of the work for you, leaving you free to get on with your life. Then, before you know it, that great day will come when you too will have dual citizenship!

Why not contact and get the ball rolling? You can contact us direct and speak personally to one of our representatives via phone or Skype (all of our phone and messaging lines are fully encrypted for privacy). If you prefer, you can message us via email, WhatsApp or Telegram. All of our contact information is listed at the top of our homepage.

Make that call today, and begin your journey to achieving dual citizenship and all of the amazing benefits it will bring you!



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Dual Citizenship
Each country listed is offering Citizenship by Investment by making a specific financial donation to said country and able to fulfill their residency demands however minimal they might be that country will reward you with full citizenship and a passport.
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