A dual citizen was recently barred from participating in the flag-lowering ceremony in Indonesia due to her citizenship status. However, she was later allowed to take part in the event held at the State Palace in Jakarta.

Gloria Natapradha Hamel, a 16 year-old French passport holder didn’t think her aspirations for hoisting the national flag would be put to an abrupt end. Unfortunately, she was given the news during the 71st Independence Day celebrations, just two days after officials had banned her from becoming a member of the official national flag-hoisting team.

What struck Ms. Hamel as odd was the fact that she had already participated in flag-hoisting training but was barred at the 11th hour, when officials discovered her dual citizenship.

As luck would have it though, she was allowed by President Joko Widodo to join the flag lowering ceremony as an official member.

Even though Indonesia has progressed as a democracy, it continues to be marred by citizenship issues, particularly when it comes to children having ‘mixed parents’ or Indonesians married to foreign spouses.

Another similar case illustrates the country’s inflexibility on the subject of citizenship. The national chairwoman for the Family Welfare Movement (PKK), Erni Guntaru Tjahjo Kumolo, simply declined to swear in the Riau Islands governor’s wife as chair of the provincial PKK, since she had a Singaporean citizenship.

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