Second citizenship is fast becoming a viable option to those who can afford it and know that it would radically improve their investment options and/or their freedom of movement. But how easy is it to buy citizenship meaning a second passport to another country is it legal, and how much does it cost?


Can I Really Buy Citizenship?

There is a misconception in some quarters that the phenomenon of second citizenship which has been made easy to obtain by Citizenship by Investment programs will become the domain of criminals and terrorists.

While twenty years ago it may have been fairly easy for a drug trafficker to obtain a passport from a tin-pot dictatorship in South America, those days are long gone. Any country that has a Citizenship by Investment program has to adhere to strict international laws and regulations. All applicants must undergo a thorough background check and pass with a clean criminal record. They must be able to provide character references from pillars of their community. They must have a clean bill of health, and sufficient resources to make a substantial investment in the country of their choosing.

If all those boxes are ticked, they can then proceed to apply for second citizenship.


Is Second Citizenship Legal?


The practice of second citizenship is 100% legal. If an individual passes the stringent background checks of a country, and then has sufficient funds to invest substantially in that country and in return be awarded its citizenship and passport, all parties are satisfied with the arrangement and no laws are broken.

Dual citizenship is perfectly legal in all Western countries. However,  some Middle Eastern and Asian countries may frown upon dual citizenship, and in such cases it is up to the individual to either renounce the citizenship of their previous country, or be discreet when it comes to their new passport.


How Much Does Second Citizenship Cost?


So now we come to the crux of the matter cost. The cost of second citizenship may seem surprisingly cheap to some individuals, and shockingly expensive to others. If one has watched their share of espionage thrillers where the hero obtains a false passport from someone who always does excellent work, but it will take a day or two, and the cost is a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, be warned these are not those kind of passports!

We are talking about a legal document here, one which will pass any border check anywhere in the world. This will be as much your passport as the one you were entitled to by birthright.

The cheapest second citizenship programs featured on the website are those of Greece, Hungary and Guatemala, and all can be acquired for less than 100,000. If this sounds expensive, please bear in mind that the Citizenship by Investment programs for Austria and Cyprus cost 2 million and 3 million respectively. The Guatemala passport is perfect for investors looking for a discreet banking service and low taxation. The E.U passports of Hungary and Greece offer access to approx. 170 countries visa-free, plus the freedom, to live and work anywhere within the European Union for an unlimited period of time. All three passports are relatively cheap, 100% legal, can be obtained quickly and will greatly benefit their new owners.


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