An Economic Passport is a secondary passport acquired with the purpose of attaining dual citizenship for business or human rights reasons. Economic citizenship is perfectly legal and fast become a necessity for many in a world whose fields of business, politics and religions are constantly changing.


Who Needs An Economic Passport?

We have all seen the movie The Bourne Supremacy, where ex-CIA agent Jason Bourne searches through a variety of international passports for a whole host of countries all bearing his image but each with a different name.

Just to be clear this is not that kind of passport!

An economic passport is a legal document, as legal as the holder’s original passport.

Those in need of an economic passport normally fall into two categories; those who need one for business and those who need one for self-preservation, i.e in order to flee from a country where their very existence and that of their family is in danger.


Refugee/Asylum Seeker

The benefits of an economic passport for a refugee or an asylum seeker are clear and obvious. If one is native to a country like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, Algeria, Colombia, El Salvador, Uganda, or any country that has suffered a brutal civil war or a bloody dictatorship, the chance of an economic passport to a stable, democratic country free from relentless persecution and the constant threat of death would be a Godsend.



You may be a powerful businessperson whose business is being crippled by relentless taxation. You may have built up a hugely successful company in an oil-rich third world country, but a change in local laws means you need to cut your losses and leave. Maybe you have taken your business as far as it can go in your country, and now you want to put in on a much bigger stage.


Where’s Best For You?

An economic passport to an E.U country would give you the right to live and work in any European country you choose. Second citizenship to the US would enable you to live and work in the most powerful economy on earth. If an understanding and discreet bank is all you are really looking for, and it doesn’t harm that it’s located in a Caribbean paradise, then an economic passport affiliated to Dominica or St Kitts and Nevis might be just the ticket.


Citizenship By Investment

The easiest way to obtain an economic passport is to affiliate yourself with a country’s Citizenship by Investment program. If you pass that country’s requirements of you and pass their background check, and you have the funds to match their desired level of your investment, you are pretty much there.


The Caribbean

As long as you make the required financial investment, Caribbean countries like St Kitts and Nevis and Dominica will grant you an economic passport quickly, with you having to spend no more time than the initial interview in their country if you so choose.


The E.U

Some E.U countries have a similar lack of restriction of the time you spend in their country. Portugal for example has a Golden Visa Program in which a financial investment is required and then one only needs to spend seven days in the country to maintain residency. After six years of residency one can apply for Portuguese citizenship and a passport. (See’s Fast Tracking service on our home to find out how we can speed up this process for you.)

Other E.U countries may require more of you than just a cash investment. Application for an economic passport for the UK is straightforward and involves a substantial financial investment. After five years of residency citizenship can be applied for, but applicants must also be able to prove that they did not spend more than two years consecutively outside the UK during that period.


Why Use are the market leader in providing specialized help with Second Citizenship and Citizenship by Investment applications worldwide. Established in Switzerland in 2004, has helped thousands of businesspeople and asylum seekers and refugees achieve their goal of claiming an economic passport.

If an economic passport is something you feel would greatly enrich your life or your business or finances but it looks too complex and time-consuming, that’s where we come in. We have a team of experts set up specifically to do all of the boring and tedious “leg work” for you, simplifying the process so that you can stay focused on your business while we work on getting you that economic passport.

You can contact via email, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram or telephone. All our lines are encrypted for your discretion. Why not drop us a line today? It could be the best decision you make this year!



Citizenship by Investment Programs

Georgia Temporary Residence€25,000 Temporary Residency10 Days
Georgia Permanent Residence€40,000 Permanent Residency15 Days
Guatemala$60,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee2 Months
Turkey€65,000 Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee 60 Working Days
Costa Rica$65,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee4 Months
Hungary€75,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Mexico€80,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee6 Months
Dominica$90,000Government Investment2 Months
Nicaragua$100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee60 Working Days
Greece€95,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Russia$100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee45 Days
Poland€100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee5 Months
Iceland€100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Ireland€150,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Saint Lucia$200,000Real Estate Investment6 Months
St Kitts & Nevis$290,000Real Estate Investment6 Months
Antigua & Barbuda$290,000Real Estate Investment2-4 Months
Belgium€300,000Government Investment3 Months
Germany€350,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee90 Working Days
United States$500,000Government Investment2 Months
Portugal€500,000Government Investment4 Months
Malta€1millionGovernment Investment3-4 Months
United Kingdom£1millionGovernment Investment2 Months
Austria€2millionGovernment Investment1 Months
Cyprus€3millionReal Estate Investment3-4 Months
Australia$3millionGovernment Investment6 Months



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An Economic Passport is a secondary passport acquired with the purpose of attaining dual citizenship for business or human rights reasons.
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