Owing to a spike in Irish citizenship request following Brexit, a question being commonly asked today is how many Britons are actually entitled to one?

Many reports have laid claims to the fact that every one in four British folks have Irish roots running in their family, which indeed makes them eligible for a citizenship. And that’s almost 16 million British people. But are statistics the only surefire way of telling?

Let’s put aside the one in four figure aside for a moment does your Irish heritage really make you eligible for an Irish passport as a Briton? And equally important, what percentage of Britons can get an Irish citizenship?

One call to Ireland’s Citizen’s Information Center reveals that if you have at least one parent born anywhere in Ireland, you are indeed eligible. The very same rules actually apply if you have a grandparent who was born in Ireland.

Now that we know what qualifies you for an Irish citizenship, let’s get to the what percentage of Britons qualify’ part. For that, we need to determine how many Britons have at least one Irish-born parent or grandparent. According to a 1970 consensus, this number might hover around 1.7 million, though it’s quite likely that it’s a lot higher.

A 1981 consensus took the very same people into account, and then again in 1991, it was discovered that 3.4 million people had an Irish grandparent in the study.

All in all, according to concrete data extracted from these studies, around 6.7 million people in the UK might be entitled to an Irish passport. If you think you are eligible for one, the process of getting one is easy and seamless. We recommend that you get in touch with us and let it handle for you.

However, there is no need to worry if you do not meet the abovementioned criteria. There are other ways of getting an Irish passport. We have been in the business for years and have helped thousand of clients get a second passport in a safe and affordable manner. Invest your trust and energy in 2ndPassport.com to easily get your passport and unlock the gates to economic freedom and more travel opportunities.

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