To many non-EU residents, legitimate ownership of a European passport and the status and freedom that such a document entails is tantamount to acquiring the Holy Grail, and with good reason. Since the end of the second World War, Western Europe has remained the most democratic and economically sound region on earth, comparable only with North America, Japan and Australia.


Europe vs The Rest Of The World

Living standards throughout Western Europe have remained high for 60 years, there have been no major conflicts, and the levels of health and education are the best in the world. A recent study by the Human Development Index (HDI) which ascertains the levels of education, wealth, health and lifespan of a nation placed twenty European countries in the worlds top 30, including six of the top-ten.

By comparison, during that same time frame countries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America have experienced a far more volatile existence, with wars, regular economic downturns and constant cultural and political upheavals. Whilst many of these countries are capable of generating immense wealth, they are also lacking the infrastructure and democratic leadership of countries in the West, and as a result consistently fail to diversify that wealth into a stable economy and safe, democratic environment.

And the sad truth is things arent going to improve anytime soon. The status quo will remain just that, and the USA and Europe will continue to be the best places in the world to live in in terms of safety, health, economy, democracy and civilization.


Make Money Abroad Reside In Europe

Thats not to say that Europe and USA are the greatest places on the planet to make a lot of money. In recent decades China and Russia have joined the Middle East, Africa and South America as the locations where people can become very wealthy often very quickly.

The conundrum remains that these countries may offer high rewards, but also high risks, and are seldom the locations that wealthy people choose to live long-term, to lay down roots and raise their families. The United States and Europe remains the preferred destinations of the wealthy, for the aforementioned reasons of their standards of living, democracy, education and health.


Which E.U Country Is Best For You?

Affluent Chinese dream of relocating to the US and many have achieved that goal. Within Europe, wealthy Russians love the UK, London in particular. French speaking rich Africans and Arabs often choose to buy property in Paris, with the Qatari royal family even going so far as to buy a local football club Paris St. Germaine. The wealthiest Brazilians, Argentinians and Chileans have traditionally favored Portugal and Spain as their preferred second citizenship destinations.

You may not be quite ready to buy an exclusive residence in London or Paris or purchase a top-flight football team just yet, but securing a European passport, citizenship and residency is far easier than you may think, especially with the help of is the market leader in providing second-country passports, citizenship and residency legally, professionally and discreetly, with an international clientele spanning the globe.

For example, for an outlay of approximately €1 million you could obtain a passport and citizenship for the European member state of Malta. The Malta Golden Passport is part of the Individual Investor Program (IIP), and grants a Maltese passport and citizenship to foreign investors who make a substantial investment in Malta and show ties to the country.

As a citizen of Malta you will be able to travel to 160 countries visa free, travel unhindered to the 26 European countries that adhere to the Schengen Treaty, and live and work anywhere in Europe without a time limit.

While the time spent in Malta itself to be eligible to acquire a passport is minimal, at the other end of the scale, if time is something you have in abundance and you are prepared to live there for most of the year, for a minimum investment of approximately £1 million you could acquire citizenship to the United Kingdom, and all of the fantastic benefits a British passport entails.

At you will see a selection of European second citizenship programs for countries including Portugal, Cyprus, Belgium and Austria. Each program lists the benefits that owning that particular passport and citizenship will bring to you, and in turn, your family.

Also listed are the documents and stipulations that requires of you. You can submit an email, Whatsapp or Telegram (all SSL encrypted for complete privacy) for more information or a free quote.

If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, you can contact on Skype, or by telephone. All of our lines are fully encrypted. If you prefer, you can leave a message, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

It costs nothing to make an enquiry, and that may be the first step to you obtaining that precious European passport and citizenship that could change your life significantly.



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At you will see a selection of European second passport programs for countries including Portugal, Cyprus, Belgium and Austria.
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