In the modern business world, ownership of a second passport other than that of the land of your birth for economic purposes is rapidly becoming essential, especially for business people from areas like the Middle East where visa-free travel is restricted. Among the most prestigious and sought after are passports from the E.U, the owner of which can travel visa-free to more than 170 countries worldwide.


What Are The Benefits Of A European Passport?

An article in a recent issue of the U.K newspaper The Independent listed what it called The most powerful passports in the world (i.e., passports with which the holder can enter the most countries in the world visa-free) and it made for interesting reading.

Eight of the top-10 passports were from countries within the E.U, with only the USA (fifth) and Canada (seventh) making that particular shortlist. The top-four were Sweden, Finland, Germany and the U.K, all of which provide passports with which the holder can visit at least 174 countries visa-free.

But that’s not all that’s great about E.U citizenship. No matter what member state passport you own, from the U.K to Malta, or from Germany to Cyprus, you are entitled to the same rights of being able to live and work anywhere within Europe for unlimited time.


Which Nationalities Would Benefit Most From An E.U Passport?

Businessmen from the Middle East suffer in particular with limited visa-free travel. Currently passport holders from the United Arab Emirates enjoy the most visa-free travel, with 104 countries, and while that includes most of Western Europe, they will still need visas for the Americas, Eastern Europe, most of Africa, the Far East and Australasia.

Most Middle Eastern citizens have access to less than 50 countries visa-free, and that also applies to most African nations many of which are oil rich. The bottom line is that business people from these parts of the world are paying the price for the political and religious machinations of their countries of birth.

Clearly most Middle Eastern and African businesspeople would greatly benefit from an E.U passport, not to mention asylum seekers and refugees fleeing from oppressive regimes.


How Does One Get A European Passport?

Thanks to Citizenship by Investment and gaining citizenship to an E.U member state and attaining all of the benefits that go with it is simple. Go to our webpage and you will see a selection of the E.U Citizenship by Investment programs we can assist you with. Countries included are Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta and the UK.

We will help you choose exactly which E.U citizenship program would work best for you, and then begin the process of getting you that all-important second passport.

You will find detailed information about each program and what each country will need from you to achieve citizenship. You can call us direct via our encrypted telephone and Skype lines for further information or a quote (free of charge, no obligation) or contact us by email, WhatsApp or Telegram.


Citizenship By Investment?

Is exactly what it says it is you invest a specific amount of money in an E.U country’s Citizenship by Investment program, and, within a period of months or years (depending on the country) you will be granted its full citizenship and a passport.

Of course, there is a little more to it than that how much time you actually have to live in that country during your period of residency depends on their particular program. In the UK for example it is five years or more, while in Cyprus you can become a Cypriot citizen and passport holder with full E.U benefits in just three months.

Each year more countries are opening their doors to the invest opportunities presented by having a Citizenship by Investment program, and a as a result, more and more business people are becoming dual citizens, especially from Africa and the Middle East.


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Among the most prestigious and sought after are passports from the E.U, the owner of which can travel visa-free to more than 170 countries worldwide.
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