If a client can prove that they or their family are in a distress situation in terms of potential loss of liberty, fear of danger due to persecution or impending financial devastation, 2ndPassports.com can Fast Track their application so that they will receive second citizenship within 45 days or less.

Expedited passport services is currently only available for the citizenship of Russia, Guatemala and Greece.


Russian Citizenship

Currently, 2ndPassports.com’s largest client group is Chinese migrants, and their no.1 choice of destination is Russia. If you are a Chinese citizen in distress, 2ndPassports.com can help you receive Russian citizenship within three months.


Guatemalan Citizenship

Ownership of a Guatemalan passport entitles the holder to access to that country’ discreet banking system and favorable tax laws. If you need to move your money quickly, you can receive all of the financial benefits of Guatemalan citizenship within 30 days.


Greek Citizenship

Ownership of a Greek passport entitles the holder to access to more than 170 countries visa-free. As an E.U passport holder, you can travel freely throughout Western Europe’s 26-nation Schengen Zone. An E.U passport holder is also free to live and work in any E.U country for as long as they so choose. If you are desperate for the freedom of work and movement that ownership of an E.U passport will bring, you can obtain Greek citizenship within 30 days.




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