If you are in the market for second citizenship and that all important second passport that is going to make your life a whole lot easier, you need an online service that can speed up the citizenship process as fast as legally possible.

You may even be desperate to acquire second citizenship, and will need your economic passport well within the normally allotted time frame that usually runs into several years. In that case, the perfect solution for you would be an option to fast track the process, so your citizenship arrives within 30 days. The only website in the economic passport industry with the capacity to do this is 2ndPassports.com, with their Fast Track service.

Each year the amount of people who want and need a second passport increases dramatically, and each year more countries cater for this market by opening their own Citizenship by Investment programs, offering individuals the opportunity to become passport holders of that country by virtue of a financial investment.
Do You Need A Second Passport?
The vast majority of people in the world can survive perfectly well with only a passport from the land of their birth. Many others will migrate to another country, settle down, maybe marry a native and in time decide to take out citizenship as a natural progression.

The pursuit and attainment of an economic passport is something completely different.

It is a strategic move born out of necessity, either to safeguard ones finances as in the case of a businessperson suffering heavy taxation, or to safeguard ones very existence – as in the case of an asylum seeker fleeing from religious persecution or political tyranny.
Dual Citizenship
In most cases those who seek an economic passport want dual citizenship, i.e. they will literally have two passports their original from the land of their birth plus their new passport to a new country, and have every intention of hanging on to both, which they are legally entitled to do. Many refugees will also choose to maintain dual citizenship, harboring a dream of one day returning to the land of their birth when the current barbaric regime or ideology is ousted.

From a business perspective, owning second citizenship could be the difference between staying small or growing huge. For a businessperson from South America, Asia or the Middle East an E.U passport or US citizenship would potentially open your business up to the entire western market.
Who Are SecondPassports.com?
2ndPassports.com have been in the online economic passport industry for a dozen years, and have helped thousands of clients realize their dream of dual citizenship. Based in Switzerland but with additional offices in Guatemala, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, the Caribbean, the USA and Germany, our sole purpose is to help you acquire second citizenship as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. Whichever country you may choose to apply to for citizenship by investment, we have immigration experts plus legal firms on standby to make your application go like clockwork.
How Can 2ndPassports.com Fast-Track My Application?
2ndPassports.com can dramatically speed up the process of second citizenship to several countries including Guatemala and Russia. If you can prove to 2ndPassports.com that you are in an emergency situation, we can Fast Track your application, ensuring that you receive your new economic passport within 60 days or less.

That’s less than two months to acquire second citizenship to a new country.

If you feel that you qualify for this service, go to the 2ndPassports.com homepage and scroll down until you come to the box highlighted by the phrase IN A HURRY? Simply click on the CLICK HERE box, complete the brief application form then hit submit. Your application is protected by SSL Encryption, and one of our representatives will get right back to you. If we feel that you qualify for our Fast Track service, we will begin the process immediately.
How Can I Contact 2ndPassports.com?
On our website you will find a host of options for you to contact us. If you would like to speak to a representative direct, you can telephone or Skype using our secure, encrypted service. If you would prefer to send a message you can do so via email, WhatsApp or Telegram. Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we are waiting for your call.

If you are interested in learning more about second citizenship and how it will benefit you, drop us a line today for more information or call us for a friendly chat. If you are desperate for second citizenship and a new passport and wish to acquire one in 30 days or less, please don’t hesitate to contact 2ndPassports.com today via our Fast Track service on our home page.

Remember, contacting 2ndPassports.com is free and without any obligation, but it could be the first step to an exciting new phase of your life as a second passport holder.



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The only website in the economic passport industry with the capacity to provide a fast passport service is 2ndPassports.com, with their Fast Track service.
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