Citizenship by Investment is proving to be a God-send for high net-worth individuals from the Middle-East, Africa and Asia. Why? Because it offers them the option of gaining dual citizenship, and a resulting affiliation to a second country whose passport is far superior to the one they currently have.


What Difference Does A Second Passport Make?

Imagine being accustomed to a passport that restricts your freedom of travel, limits where you can live and work, and affects what banks you can do business with. Now, imagine suddenly owning a passport that is the complete opposite of the one you are used to.

Imagine a passport that gives you direct, visa-free access to more than 170 countries worldwide. That figure includes all of the areas you will actually want to use for business or pleasure like North and South America, all of Western Europe, Australasia, the Caribbean, the Far East, Southern Africa and a large chunk of Asia.

Imagine a passport that allows you the right to live and work anywhere within the European Union for as long as you want. A passport whose holder banks want to do business with. Sounds good? That is exactly what you are entitled to as the holder of an E.U passport.


Five E.U Citizenship by Investment Options

Citizenship by Investment is a legal way of obtaining an E.U passport by virtue of a specific financial investment normally the purchase of property or a business in a country of your choosing. Here are five of the E.U Citizenship by Investment programs currently featured on the website.


  1. Austria

The Austrian Citizenship by Investment program is arguably the best E.U program of them all if you can afford it. There is a minimum charitable donation of 2 million required, or a recoverable investment of 10 million. In return, on completion of the financial transaction you will receive Austrian citizenship and a passport. You don’t even have to spend any time living in the country.


  1. Germany

The German Citizenship by Investment program differs from Austria’s in that the investment is 1 million, and must be used for the purchase or creation of a business that will create or maintain the jobs of ten Germans.

Germany expects more from their investors, but in return they are receiving citizenship to one of the most powerful, wealthiest and influential nations on the planet.


  1. Malta

Malta is both a full E.U member state and a member of the British Commonwealth, one of only three countries that have that honor, the others being the UK and Cyprus. In order to gain a Maltese passport, an investor needs to make a 650,000 donation to Malta’s National Development and Social Fund (NDSF) and purchase real estate worth 350,000 and retain ownership of that property for a minimum of five years.

Residence is received with 3-4 months, and full citizenship plus a passport will be received after 12 months.


  1. Greece

Greece has had more than its fair share of economic disasters in the past few years, but the Greek government are taking steps toward generating income for their country, and their excellent value Citizenship by Investment program is part of that. Incredibly, one can have a Greek passport in just three months off the back of a minimum property investment of 95,000. Once received, the owner is free to stay in Greece or live and work in any E.U nation they choose, including the U.K, France and Germany.


  1. Hungary

Instigated in 2013, the Hungarian Citizenship by Investment program is one of the newer packages on’s roster, and also one of the most popular. It’s not hard to see why; the investment required for this passport is just 75,000 which is the lowest of any E.U citizenship program. The investor will receive their Hungarian citizenship and passport in six months. There are no residency requirements and no dual citizenship restrictions.

Applicants will also receive a brand new Hungarian driver’s license, which is valid throughout Europe. Once in receipt of their Hungarian passport, holders are free to live and work anywhere within the E.U, although they may want to experience the delights of Hungary’s capital Budapest  first, rated as the most beautiful city in all of Europe.


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