Because of the dual phenomenons of an ever expanding business world and the surge in migration, there has never been a greater demand for second citizenship i.e., ownership of a legal passport to a second country other than that of one’s own.

While citizenship to a Caribbean nation with favorable banking and low taxes is the preferred choice of the mega-wealthy Westerners of Europe and North America, for those high net-worth individuals from Africa, Asia and the Middle-East there is nothing more desirable than an EU passport.

Even the wealthiest business people from countries like China, India, Saudi Arabia and South Africa can find themselves hamstrung by a passport that gets them into very few countries without the need of a visa.

By comparison, the average EU passport grants its holder access to more than 160 countries visa-free.


Does France Have A CBI Program?

Citizenship by Investment  – also known as CBI is the practice of a country granting high net-worth individuals citizenship and a passport in reward for that individual making a substantial financial investment to said country. This practice is popular both within the Caribbean where countries such as St Kitts and Nevis (the originators of the practice back in 1984), Dominica and Saint Lucia have CBI programs, and within the European Union, with Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Cyprus and Malta being just some of the countries who offer Citizenship by Investment programs in various forms.

While at this present moment France does not have a CBI program per-se, for those with their hearts set on owning a French passport it’s still possible if you can afford it and are prepared to make France your permanent base. 


What Is The French Residence Permit Program?


The French Residence Permit Program allows non-EU applicants the opportunity to receive a 10-year economic residency permit in return for making a long-term, non-speculative investment in France. This investment must be for a minimum of 10 million, which will be used to purchase industrial or commercial assets in France.

Upon completion of three full years of residency the applicant can apply for full French citizenship and passport, although in the meantime, the benefits of the French Residency Permit are multiple:

  • The French Residency Permit grants a holder unrestricted access to the 27 countries that make up the Schengen Zone
  • The French Residency Permit grants its holder attractive living conditions for non-EU citizens which include the same rights as French citizens plus free access to healthcare and education
  • The applicant’s spouse and children are included in the Residence Permit Program at no additional cost
  • Full French citizenship will be granted after 3 years of permanent residency in France.
  • There are no requirements regarding prior residency in France or knowledge of the French language, nor any demands on prior professional experience
  • The French Residence Permit is valid for 10 years

While the French investor program is not cheap, if one can afford it, it gives wealthy individuals the opportunity to gain citizenship and a passport to one of the most vital and influential nations in Europe and indeed the world. France remains the sixth largest economy on the planet and is also the most visited country in the world, with some 86 million arrivals in 2015 almost ten million more than the US. For more information on becoming a French resident and passport holder contact

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French Citizenship By Investment
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French Citizenship By Investment
While at this present moment France does not have a CBI program per-se, for those with their hearts set on owning a French passport it's still possible if you can afford it and are prepared to make France your permanent base. 
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