Despite less than two decades as a democracy and geographically bordering Russia itself, Georgia, more than any other Eastern European/Eurasian nation, seems determined to throw off the shackles of its communist past and embrace Westernism and economic growth. An impending membership of NATO may soon be followed by a place in the EU, all of which makes Georgia a particularly appealing location for attaining second citizenship. 


Georgia in Brief

Georgia is a small country (69,700 km2 of territory, 3.72 million inhabitants) located in the mountainous Caucasus region of Eastern Europe/Eurasia. Georgia borders four nations; Russia to the north and Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan to the south, and to the west is its coastline to the Black Sea. Georgia’s capital and largest city is Tbilisi – which translated literally means “Warm Location”, which has a population of 1.1 million, making it about the size of the UK’s second largest city, Birmingham.

Georgia is famous for having one of the most diverse ecologies of any country on the planet. Its multiple climate zones range from alpine/subalpine, with snow covered mountains and glaciers 12 months of the year, to the extremities of the east, culminating in a small area of semi-desert. The majority of Georgia is green and mountainous, 40% of which is covered by forest that in some areas is so dense and foreboding, it is home to wildlife rarely seen any more in Europe, including lynx, bears, snow wolves and snow leopards.


Georgia Politics and Economy

Politically Georgia is a unitary, semi-presidential republic whose government is elected through a representative democracy, although such an open and democratic system has been in place for less than two decades. During the days of the Cold War and the era of the Soviet Union, many Westerners believed that Georgia was actually part of Russia, and even after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc in 1989, Georgia seemed to struggle to separate themselves from the “old ways”, and maintained a form of communist government until 2003.

That was the year of the “Rose Revolution”, a peaceful yet determined uprising of the Georgian people in which they finally shrugged off the shackles of their Soviet past, and instead embraced a future geared toward alliance and integration with the West, economic growth and prosperity.

As a result, Georgia’s economy  – virtually in the doldrums between 1989 and 2003 – is very much that of an emerging free market, and by 2006-07 had reached a GDP growth of more than 10%. The current Georgian government is looking to maintain this level of growth with a continued system of liberalizing  the economy by reducing regulation, taxes, and corruption in order to attract foreign investment. Key spheres for foreign investment include hydropower, agriculture, tourism and textiles production.

The Georgian government has received rave reviews from non-other than the World Bank for its improvements in business transparency. The current government (the Georgian Dream  party no less) has continued with the strategy laid down by the previous administration of low-regulation, low-tax, free market policies. In 2014 Georgia signed an “Association Agreement” with the EU, which has led to a substantial increase in free trade, and visa-free travel to the European Union for Georgian passport holders. Georgia is also hoping to expand on their current trade agreements with China, and the two nations entered into lengthy and detailed negotiations in October 2016.


Georgia Citizenship by Investment Program

Despite the promotion of an open, free trade market that makes it ripe for foreign investment, Georgia currently has no official Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program. CBI is the practice of allowing an investor to become a citizen and passport holder of a country, in return for a financial investment, often in the form of a real estate purchase or charitable donation. In Europe, Austria, Cyprus and Malta offer CBI programs, and they have proven to be popular and beneficial, both to the investor and the nation of choice. Five Caribbean island countries – St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Antigua and Barbuda – also have successful citizenship by investment programs (check the homepage for further details.

An investor who acquires CBI will invariably continue to spend money in their new country, be it through the purchase of more real estate or the opening of a business. They will often bring their family with them as part of the program, and then look to lay down roots in their second homeland.

While only eight nations in the world currently offer CBI programs, many more offer investor visa programs that grant an investor either temporary or permanent residency to a country. Residency is often the precursor to full citizenship; an investor will normally have to spend five years in a country as a temporary resident before applying for permanent residency. After one year as a permanent resident an investor can then apply for citizenship to that country. currently has the exclusive rights to Georgia’s Temporary and Permanent Residency programs. These programs give an investor the opportunity to instantly become either a temporary or permanent resident of Georgia, moving them significantly closer to gaining full citizenship.

The cost and benefits of both programs are outlined below. For further information contact Georgia Temporary Residency Program

Here are just some of the benefits of this exclusive program – more information about the program can be found here.

  • Cost –’s Georgia Temporary Residence Program will cost an investor only €25,000
  • Renewable –’s Georgia Temporary Residence Program grants an investor 6 months to two years of Georgian Temporary Residency within 10 Days of receipt of permit. This permit is renewable
  • Speed of Access – An investor will receive their Georgia Temporary Residence Permit within 10 days
  • Georgia Driver’s License –’s Georgia Temporary Residence Program includes a Georgian driving license in the investor’s name
  • Corporate Benefits/Banking – An investor can open their own corporation in Georgia within two days of gaining their Georgia Temporary Residence Permit, and this program also grants an investor access to full corporate banking facilities and benefits
  • Georgia Personal Bank Account –This program entitles an investor to an exclusive corporate account with either the TBC Bank Georgia or the Bank of Georgia
  • Free Legal Consultation –’s Georgia Temporary Residence Program entitles an investor to free legal consultation during and after the acquisition of a Temporary Residence Permit Georgia Permanent Residence Program

Below is a basic outline of the benefits of this exclusive program – more information about the program can be found here.

  • Value –’s Georgia Permanent Residence Program represents excellent value and is priced at just €40,000
  • Investment – €30,000 of the cost of the program can be used for a real estate investment purchase in Georgia
  • 5 Years Residency –’s Georgia Permanent Residence Program gives an investor five years of Georgian permanent residency
  • Fast Processing – An investor will receive their Georgian Permanent Residency Permit within just 15 days
  • Georgian Driver’s License –’s Georgia Permanent Residence Program includes a Georgian driver’s license in the name of the investor
  • Corporate Benefits – An investor is free to open a Corporation in Georgia just two days after obtaining their Permanent Residence Permit
  • Corporate Banking –’s Georgia Permanent Residence Program grants an investor Corporate Banking facilities with either the TBC Bank or Bank Of Georgia two days after receipt of their Permanent Residence Permit
  • Free Legal Consultation –’s Georgia Permanent Residence Program entitles an investor to free legal consultation
  • Access To Western Europe – As a Georgian Permanent Residence Permit holder, an investor is free to travel throughout Western Europe

With almost two decades of experience helping people gain a level of freedom – and prosperity – they never dreamed possible thanks to the acquisition of a new citizenship and passport, are rightly regarded as a market leader in the field of citizenship/residence by investment, and all that that entails.

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