Few countries have the potential to completely shape their own destiny quite like Georgia – the plucky Eurasian nation that has shrugged off decades of Soviet influence and is now on the verge of joining NATO – and quite possibly the European Union as well.


Why Choose Georgia For Residency?

Why indeed? To the uninitiated, Georgia would appear to be something of a relic from the days of the Eastern Bloc, much like former Soviet state neighbors Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, with as much chance of EU membership as either. However, in reality Georgia has much more in common with close neighbor Armenia than those countries. Both are staunchly Christian, and both consider themselves “Western”, even though geographically they are situated in Eurasia.

During the Soviet era, Moscow considered Georgia and Ukraine Russian sovereign soil, and as a result, even after the Soviet Union’s 1989 collapse, it took many years for Georgia to shrug of the mentality of their former communist occupants. It wasn’t until the now legendary “Rose Revolution” of 2003 that saw the Georgian people finally revolt – albeit peacefully – against what appeared to be a system of staged parliamentary elections so as to ensure a communist-style ruler to continue with a Soviet-style government.

In 2003, the Georgian people ousted president Eduard Shevardnadze and instead held their own presidential and parliamentary elections, which eventually saw the United National Movement emerge as the dominant ruling party. Following the Rose Revolution, Georgia has maintained a rigorous pro-Western foreign policy, and declared its aims of European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Needless to say, since 2003 the Georgian economy has been on an upward trajectory. Despite its relatively small size (Georgia has a land mass of 69,700 km2 and a population of 3.72 million of which 1.1 million live in the capital city Tbilisi) per capita is among the strongest in Eastern Europe/Eurasia.


Can Georgia Become Part Of The EU?

The Western powers – NATO in particular – are keen for Georgia to maintain and even strengthen Georgia’s position as an ally. In a way, strategically Georgia are not dissimilar to Israel in terms of location. Israel sits proudly at the heart of the Middle East, a Jewish state in a Muslim region, aided significantly by US money and weaponry. Georgia literally border Russia, so if Georgia were to become a member of NATO, and ultimately the European Union, it would be something of a “black-eye” for Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin, but one he would have no choice but to accept.

As mentioned earlier, Georgia are in a similar position to immediate neighbors Armenia, another small Christian nation with leanings toward the West, and another nation determined to gain EU membership. In 2011, then Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili expressed his and his nation’s strong desire to become a European Union member state. Saakashvili continued to explicitly express his opinions on multiple occasions, all the while strengthening his country’s links with the United States, the EU and NATO. Saakashvili was succeeded in 2016 by Giorgi Margvelashvili, and in 2017 Margvelashvili, had formal meetings with Donald Tusk (both pictured above), president of the European Council and one of the most influential figures in the European Union. The meeting proved extremely positive, with Georgia emerging as a “priority country” in the views of the EU.


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