For ambitious entrepreneurs and established high net worth individuals from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Georgian citizenship could well prove to be the gateway to accessing the European Union, and eventual EU citizenship. Temporary Georgian residency would be the first step – and here outlines its very own exclusive, benefit-laden and extremely economical program.

Despite bordering Russia and formerly being a key part of the Soviet Union and therefore a communist state for decades, today’s Republic of Georgia has ambitions toward becoming even more democratic than they already are, and have set their sights firmly on becoming part of NATO, and eventually the European Union itself.

In May 2017, NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly (PA) President Paolo Alli of Italy spoke out on Georgia’s behalf at the PA’s 2017 Spring Session, which took place in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. In his declaration, Alli said that the nation of Georgia and its people have made it abundantly clear on their choices for themselves and their nation for the future.

Alli stated that Georgia clearly wishes to be a part of the Euro-Atlantic community, and that in return, the Euro-Atlantic community were ready to welcome them. “For the last 15 years the (NATO) Assembly has actively supported Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic choice and its path towards integration,” said Alli, who praised Georgia’s armed forces for their “outstanding professionalism and ability to integrate with NATO forces,” and went on to say that “the profound transformation it has undergone for the past 15 years is in many ways remarkable.”

Clearly Georgia is on course to become a NATO member, and their long-term goal of becoming part of the EU certainly looks to be achievable. Georgian residency and eventual second citizenship is therefore an exciting option for high net worth, ambitious investors from controlling, restrictive nations.


About Georgia

Georgia is a nation situated in the Caucasus region, located where Western Asia meets Eastern Europe, an area often referred to as Eurasia. Georgia has a western coastline to the Black Sea, while to the north it borders Russia, and to the south Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The capital and largest city is Tbilisi. A relatively small country, Georgia covers a territory of 69,700 km2 with a population of 3.72 million, more than a quarter of which (1.1 million) live in Tbilisi. Georgia is a unitary, semi-presidential republic whose government is elected through a representative democracy.


Diverse Ecology

Georgia is one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world, with numerous climate zones that range from alpine to subtropical to semi-desert. Georgia is largely a green, mountainous country, although its landscape varies. Whereas Western Georgia is made up of forests, swamps and even temperate rainforests, the eastern part of the country actually features a small area of semi-arid plains. 40% of Georgia is covered by forest, while 10% is alpine/subalpine, and covered with snow and glaciers all year round.

Georgia’s forests are so dense, they are home to a range of wildlife rarely seen in the rest of Europe including bears, leopards and lynx. Some experts believe that Georgia is the actual birthplace of wine, and that the alcoholic beverage was first produced in the Caucasus region between 8 to 10,000 years ago. It is certainly home to the world’s deepest cave; the Krubera Cave is 7,200 feet deep, and takes 27 days to reach the bottom. At the other end of the scale, Georgia is also home to Europe’s highest settlement. The Ushguli region features several villages which are almost 2,100 meters (6900 feet) above sea level.


Georgian Economy

Georgia economy is that of an emerging free market. Unsurprisingly, Georgia’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) fell dramatically following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989. It took the best part of a decade and a half, but by the mid-2000s Georgia’s economy was back in double digits. Much of the country’s economic revival can be put down to 2003’s Revolution of Roses, which was Georgia’s pro-Western peaceful change of power that saw the ousting of president Edward Shevardnadze, who was in effect a throwback to the Soviet era. The result was democratic elections and Georgia’s open declaration of European and Euro Atlantic integration.

The Georgian economy remains diverse, with 25% of the country’s GDP coming from industry, 12% from construction, and 10% from agriculture, which however remains the largest employer of manpower, accounting for 52% of the country’s workforce. Georgia’s rapidly emerging services industry accounts for almost 50% of the country’s GDP, a figure set to rise even further in the coming years.


How To Acquire Georgian Temporary Residency


Georgia is a small yet ambitious nation with a rapidly rising economy whose focus is very much on becoming part of Europe and Euro-Atlantic. Obtaining any level of residency in Georgia is a complex, time-consuming procedure, however thanks to’s Georgian Temporary Residency Program, this need not be the case.

Here are just some of the benefits of this program:

  • Economy –’s Georgia Temporary Residence Program will cost an investor just €25,000
  • Duration – The Georgia Temporary Residence Program grants an investor 6 months to two years (fully updatable) of Georgian Temporary Residence within 10 Days
  • Speed – The Georgia Temporary Residence Permit can be granted in just 10 days
  • Driver’s License – A bonus feature included in’s Georgia Temporary Residence Program is a brand new Georgian driving license
  • Corporate Benefits – An investor can open their own corporation in Georgia within two days of gaining their Georgia Temporary Residence Permit
  • Corporate Banking – Obtaining a Georgia Temporary Residence Permit entitles an investor to full corporate banking facilities and benefits
  • Personal Bank Account –’s Georgia Temporary Residence Program entitles an investor to an exclusive corporate account with either the TBC Bank Georgia or the Bank of Georgia
  • Free Legal Consultation –’s Georgia Temporary Residence Program entitles an investor to free legal consultation during and after the acquisition of a Temporary Residence Permit

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