As an American or British citizen, you may think you’re packing the most powerful passport ever. However, Henley & Partner’s Visa Restrictions Index, a British immigration and citizenship firm, has released data which reveals that Germans actually possess the most powerful passports in the world, unlocking visa-free travel to 177 countries.

Germany has managed to hold the index’s top slot for three straight years now.

Countries were given points according to the number of foreign countries their nationals could travel to, visa-free.

Sweden landed a close second, providing visa-free travel to 176 countries. The UK, which had interestingly held the number one spot between 2013 and 2015, came in third place, followed by France, Finland, Spain and Italy, all of which gave travelers visa-free access to 175 countries.

The US, on the other hand, saw a drop in ranking, sliding from second to fourth place this year, which is a direct tie with the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium; all of these allow visa-free access to 174 countries.

In case you’re interested in the worse-ranking countries that offer passports, Afghanistan has been ranked the 104th worst place, giving access to just 25 countries. Pakistan is considered second-worst, with travel being limited to 29 countries, while Iraq ranks at third from the bottom end of the spectrum, limited travel to 30 countries.

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