2ndPassports.com is pleased to announce it is now carrying the German Citizenship by Investment program as part of its select portfolio of second-passport options for high net-worth investors and entrepreneurs. The German citizenship program joins those of Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Portugal and the UK which make up the E.U member states featured on 2ndPassports.com.


One Of The Most Prestigious Programs

The German citizenship program has instantly become one of the most prestigious and desirable of those listed on 2ndPassports.com. Not only does it result in ownership of a passport to one of the most influential and powerful nations on the planet, investors get to own their investment.

Applicants for the German citizenship program are required to demonstrate that they have sufficient assets to make an investment of 1 million into the German economy, via the development or the purchase of a German business project. This project must result in the creation or maintenance of ten jobs for German citizens.

Applicants can choose which type of company to invest in; be it a brand business, or one that is already established. Successful applicants are instantly granted the same rights as German citizens.


A Great Addition To The 2ndPassports.com Roster

2ndPassports.com’s Head of European Development Kurt Fischer said of the announcement:

The German program is a great addition to the 2ndPassports.com roster. Sure, investors need to commit a little more in terms of finance than some of the other E.U programs we feature, but in return they get to run a business and gain citizenship to the most influential country in Europe. Plus the German passport gives the holder access to 177 countries, which makes it no.1 in the world right now. It’s a great deal.


Benefits Of The German program

The German passport is only matched in terms of prestige by those of the UK and US, and instantly elevates the holder to the status of a global citizen no matter their original ethnicity. In terms of power it rules the roost, with visa-free access to 177 countries granted to the holder.

Here are just some of the benefits of a German passport:

  • Citizenship to the Fourth Largest Economy in the World
  • Ownership of the Most Powerful Passport on the Planet with Access to 177 Countries Worldwide Visa-Free
  • Freedom to Live and Work Anywhere in Western Europe for unlimited time
  • German Passport has 10 Year Validity and is Renewable For Life
  • No Minimum Residency Required


About 2ndPassports.com

2ndPassports.com was established in Switzerland in 2004, but has since expanded to offices around the world in locations as far-flung as Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, the US and the UK. 2ndPassports.com is rightly regarded as the site high net-worth investors choose when they feel their original passport is holding them back, and dual-citizenship will grant them economic freedom.

2ndPassports.com has a worldwide network of lawyers, bankers and diplomats who all play essential parts in guaranteeing their clients a smooth transition to the attainment of what is fast becoming the Ultimate Symbol of Freedom a second passport to a country of their choosing, and the economic benefits it will bring.



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