Second passports can often be looked at as a rite of passage to a more fulfilling and secure life, particularly for those looking to move out of economically and politically turbulent countries. Besides, many countries are quick to see the benefits of opening their doors to wealthy taxpayers. This is part of the reason why even first world countries are offering citizenship to other nationals, albeit with huge requirements.

A US citizen recently visited Malta along with her family and everyone was left stunned by the Mediterranean beauty and allure. The visit was actually more than just a vacation – the New Yorker wanted to buy a Maltese citizenship to be able to live and work in any EU state. With Brexit and Britain about to be out of the EU, many Brits are also looking at getting nationalities of other EU states to be able to live and move freely in parts of Europe. Ireland and Germany seem to be their favorite two countries right now as both the countries have received a huge number of applications for a passport from Brit citizens. Plus, the government of both these countries have also shown interest in accommodating Brits.

As of late, there has been a spike in the number of wealthy individuals looking to buy residency rights in order to see better travel mobility, family security and tax planning, according to an IMF report.

Even though there are no tax advantages to be had for the New Yorker’s family, the doors might be wide open to working in Europe as well as access to sunny skies, warm tropical waters and climate, stunning white beaches and intoxicating beauty all around. If you’re also planning to enjoy a more productive and engaging life, getting a second citizenship is just what you need.

If you’re a high profile business person, all you need is a $250,000 initial investment to secure completely visa-free travel to dozens of EU countries in just a few months. The money is not big when you compare it to the benefits you receive when you get your brand new passport.

Second passports are increasingly being seen as a status symbol for the wealthy and offer certain freedoms that a US passport alone simply can’t offer. It’s a privilege only a few get to enjoy and cherish.

However, getting your second passport may require long wait times and cumbersome paperwork,e especially if you fall into wrong hands. But you’re in luck: all you really need is a citizenship specialist like that has been in the business of seamlessly getting passports for high-profile individuals for over a decade. Invest in our expertise, and you’re looking at a quick and easy passage to a brand new life of security, contentment and luxury.

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