Receive A Guatemala Bank Account & Guatemala Corporation In Just 24 Hours are offering an anonymous Guatemala Bearer Share Corporation and a Guatemala bank account that is both open and functional within 24 hours from application.


Documents Required For The Above Offer

  • A notarized copy of a passport and driver’s license – complete with photos
  • can accept a government issued resident card with a photo.

These documents can be scanned, converted to jpeg and sent to by email – the address is:

Clients may use a barrister or lawyer to certify documents as well as a notary. will also need to see hard-copies of the passport and driver license which should be delivered by courier, but the bank account will nevertheless be opened and an account number assigned.

The account will be usable and funds can be wired into it, but the capacity to make withdrawals and the internet banking facility will only be activated upon’s receipt of the hard-copies of said passport and driving license.

Generally documents sent by courier take 1-3 days. Our shipping address is as follows:



If a client wishes to get the account open fast we suggest they use Western Union. has a Western Union account and can receive all funds within two hours. Western Union fees are paid for by the client.

Email the name of the sender of the money plus the city, state, country, and amount. Include the Western Union Money Transfer Control Number, this is a tracking number which is needed for pickup. will confirm by email when the funds arrive.


The Guatemala Bank Account can also arrange a trust agreement bank account. The client enters into a trust agreement with the Guatemala law firm, and said law firm then appears as the signatory on the bank account.

The client does not have to go to Guatemala to complete this procedure, as they will receive power of attorney over the corporation. The client will have the Visa card from the bank account along with the ATM card, plus the online banking passwords.


Trust Agreement Protection

The bank does not have the name of the client, only that of the law firm. Like most tax-havens, Guatemala has no tax or civil treaties for information sharing, so does not tend to share information with other governments, barring in a proven criminal case.

In a hypothetical case, should a request for information be granted, the bank would turn over the records, revealing only the name of the Guatemala Law Firm. In such cases the Guatemalan law firm may even be able to recover legal fees from the requesting government if the resulting request was proved frivolous.

Foreign prosecuting attorneys cannot provide a testimony or present evidence without waiving their diplomatic immunity. If they do so, they risk being punished for committing a fraud on the court, perjury, suborning perjury or tampering of evidence.

Guatemala courts tend to take the opinion that prosecutors from other countries can be less than truthful in court. The result is that Guatemalan banks are among the safest in the world today. Guatemala does not tax offshore income nor does it tax capital gains from bank interest or stock market gains.


The Guatemala Corporation can supply clients with an anonymous Guatemala Bearer Share Corporation. can open the bank account in the name of the corporation immediately after they file to form the corporation.

The bank account is opened while the corporation is being formed, using the actual name of the corporation just filed as the name of the bank account.


The Guatemala Bank liaises with several high-powered, highly respected corporate Guatemalan banks. All have online banking, including the facility to launch international wire transfers. They offer secured Visa cards, which will be in a corporate name only. (Clients can also have an ATM card without their name on it in addition to the secure Visa card.)

The deposit for the secure Visa card is 130% of the credit line (e.g. a $10,000 credit limit requires a security deposit of $13,000.) Each month the charges are paid from the client’s regular account, and the security deposit remains as a security deposit for as long as the client has the Visa card, plus an extra 30 days.

The Visa card can be used at all ATM machines around the world. The cards are delivered by courier to any location. The bank account can be in Euros or USD. Fees

The fee for a startup is $5,000, which includes a Guatemala anonymous corporation.



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