guatemalan citizenship by investment

Guatemala is a Central American Country which offers very affordable living costs, discreet banking and a favorable tax-system. A Guatemalan passport grants its holder access to 113 countries visa-free worldwide, including East and Western Europe. can provide applicants with a Fast Track option on Guatemalan citizenship and its passport, with receipt of both within 45 days.


Guatemalan Citizenship Application

The Guatemalan Citizenship by Investment program does not require applicants to physically reside in Guatemala for more than 21 days during their first year of residence, and 28 days over the subsequent period of two years. A minimum investment to the Guatemalan authorities of $60,000 is required as part of this program.


Required Documents

The documents needed to apply for Guatemalan residence are:

  • The fully completed application form
  • The applicant’s original passport
  • Proof of legal entry into Guatemala (entry stamp in passport)
  • Proof of health insurance and a documented health physical when arriving in Guatemala for the first time
  • Clean criminal record certificate from the relevant authority of the applicants home country and any additional country where they may have resided for over a year will provide its full cover service for applicants seeking either the traditional 3-year route to Guatemalan citizenship, or the Fast Track 45 day option for receipt of a Guatemalan passport.


Citizenship Programs

Georgia Temporary Residence€25,000 Temporary Residency10 Days
Georgia Permanent Residence€40,000 Permanent Residency15 Days
Guatemala$60,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee2 Months
Turkey€65,000 Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee 60 Working Days
Costa Rica$65,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee4 Months
Hungary€75,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Mexico€80,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee6 Months
Dominica$90,000Government Investment2 Months
Nicaragua$100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee60 Working Days
Greece€95,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Russia$100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee45 Days
Poland€100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee5 Months
Iceland€100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Ireland€150,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Saint Lucia$200,000Real Estate Investment6 Months
St Kitts & Nevis$290,000Real Estate Investment6 Months
Antigua & Barbuda$290,000Real Estate Investment2-4 Months
Belgium€300,000Government Investment3 Months
Germany€350,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee90 Working Days
United States$500,000Government Investment2 Months
Portugal€500,000Government Investment4 Months
Malta€1millionGovernment Investment3-4 Months
United Kingdom£1millionGovernment Investment2 Months
Austria€2millionGovernment Investment1 Months
Cyprus€3millionReal Estate Investment3-4 Months
Australia$3millionGovernment Investment6 Months




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