Freedom. It’s a very subjective word, isn’t it?

What one person defines as freedom, another might think of as suppression, oppression even. If you are a prisoner, you may think of your hour on the prison yard, moving, walking and breathing in the outdoor air as freedom. If you are a hen-pecked husband, it could be that hour you spend in the pub laughing with friends. If you are the wife of a controlling husband, it might be an hour at the gym or doing an aerobics class de-stressing yourself.

If you live in a country ruled by a repressive regime, your understanding of freedom will be warped, but if that is all you know, you might still think of it as a freedom. You might accept your country’s religious intolerance or control on what you read or watch on TV or listen to on the radio. If you have access to the internet, you may be accustomed to it being heavily regulated.

You may think it’s fine that you can barely travel to a foreign land without a strictly regulated visa. Your idea of freedom might be that you can still enjoy a joke with your friends, maybe a game of football, or spending quality time with your partner or your family.

In the West, we take for granted a level of freedom that a large percentage of the world’s population cannot imagine. So long as we don’t break the law and that means the law of the land, not a law laid down in the name of religion we can pretty much do as we please.

We can watch what we like on TV, listen to what we like on the radio, search for whatever we want online, buy whatever we can afford, have relationships with anyone wishing to share one with us, travel where we want and live and work wherever we choose.

And still some of us complain about our lack of human rights! See freedom is subjective.

Do you feel you have enough freedom in your life? Do you wish you had more? Much more? Do you want your children to experience a better, freedom-filled life than you did as a child?

If you are a citizen of an African or Middle Eastern country, or of China, you know that despite whatever you government may tell you, your quality of life and your level of freedom is incomparable to that of the West. If you are a business person, you will be only too aware of how restricting a passport to a country that has fallen foul with the rest of the world can be.

You cannot travel anywhere without a visa. Foreign banks don’t want your business. Even with a visa, you have no real rights in the countries you visit, and if you contravene your visa you can be made to feel like a common criminal even thrown in prison or deported.

There is a simple solution to the question of freedom, and it’s called dual citizenship. That means you have legal ownership of a passport and citizenship for a country that has no such oppressions, no such restrictions, no pious laws. A land where you and your family will be free to live the life that you deserve. A passport that allows you to try another country to live and work in, and another, and another, for as long as you like.

Being born in an oppressive country doesn’t need to be a life sentence. Decide today how much freedom you and your family deserve. The choice is yours.



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