Owning second citizenship and holding a passport to a country other than that of your place of birth is fast becoming essential in the modern business world. Acquiring dual nationality and an economic passport could also be the difference between living happily in the free world and barely surviving under tyranny if you are an asylum seeker or refugee.

Whatever your particular reasons for wanting second citizenship, 2ndPassports.com are here to help you make the right choice, then guide you through the inauguration process until the day you acquire your precious second passport.


Where To Begin?

You’ve decided that second citizenship is something that would work well for you, so the next step is to figure out how to actually obtain a passport to a second country. Sounds complicated? It doesn’t have to be.

Simply log on to 2ndPassports.com and browse through the selection of countries listed on the homepage that offer Citizenship by Investment programs. You may already have a rough idea of what type of passport you are looking for and what benefits said passport would bring you.

Nevertheless, feel free to call or Skype 2ndPassports.com (all lines are fully encrypted) or leave a message via email, WhatsApp or Telegram. Our team of experts can help you decide which second citizenship program would be tailor-made for you.


How Does Citizenship By Investment Work?

Citizenship by Investment is the simple process of making an investment to a country in return for a passport. It really is that easy in theory. Of course in practice it’s more complex than that. There’s language barriers to deal with, local bureaucracy, different legal systems etc., but at the end of the day, the country of your choosing wants your financial investment and are more than willing to hand you citizenship in return.

Of course, as in any complex process, the logical route to take when applying for second citizenship is to let a team of experts like 2ndPassports.com do all of the heavy carrying and the leg work for you, making your route to dual citizenship as easy as possible.


What Passport Is Best For Me?

2ndPassports.com will also help you choose exactly which Citizenship by Investment program is best for you.

For example, you may think an E.U passport would be beneficial to you and rightly so; citizenship to an E.U member state is highly desirable for two main reasons as a European passport holder you are free to live and work without a time limit in any European country of your choosing, including the UK. Also, E.U citizens can travel freely throughout the 26 nations of the Schengen region and can also travel visa-free to more than 170 countries worldwide.

However, unless you intend to make the land of your second passport your permanent base, you might not need citizenship to a country of the size and infrastructure of a Portugal, Belgium or Austria, all of whom offer excellent Citizenship by Investment programs.

Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean that nevertheless is a full E.U member state. Second citizen of Malta entitles the holder to all of the benefits of their European neighbors (visa-free travel, unrestricted right to live and work throughout Europe etc.) but for a fraction of the financial outlay, and they will also receive their E.U Maltese passport in a fifth of the time it would take to complete citizenship for Portugal or Belgium.


How Long Will It Take?

How long you wait for your passport depends on the location you choose for second citizenship and if time is a major issue to you. You may be perfectly happy residing and working in the UK for five or more years while you wait for your full citizenship to come into fruition.

On the other hand, you might be desperate for second citizenship and in an emergency situation. If that is the case, 2ndPassports.com can help you. We can speed up the application process dramatically so that you can receive an economic passport for one of several countries including Russia and Guatemala. If you can impress on us that you are indeed in an emergency situation, you will receive your full second citizenship and passport in less than 60 days.

For more information on this service, scroll down on the 2ndPassports.com homepage until you find the box marked: IN A HURRY?


How Much Will It Cost Me?

The cost of an economic passport can vary substantially between countries. In Europe for example, Austria and Cyprus offer excellent second citizenship programs that are also among the costliest to be found in the Citizenship by Investment market. A passport to either of those countries will require an initial outlay from the investor of between 2-3 million.

By comparison, if your main reason for a second passport is a discreet, flexible banking service, the Caribbean island of Dominica offers an excellent second citizenship program that can be achieved with a financial outlay of just $90,000.



Established in Switzerland in 2004, 2ndPassports.com have been market-leaders in the economic passport industry for the past decade, and thousands of our clients from both the business and human rights sectors have achieved their goal of second citizenship with our expert help.

If after reading this article you have decided that a second passport is something that would greatly assist you in life, why not contact us at 2ndPassports.com today? If you would like to talk directly with one of our experts, you can contact us via our encrypted phone and Skype lines. If you prefer you can also ask for more information or a quote from us via email, WhatsApp or Telegram. All our contact information is featured on our homepage.

Why not reach out and make that call today! Second citizenship is here to stay can you afford to be without it?



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2ndPassports.com will help you choose exactly which passport and Citizenship by Investment program is best for you.
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