Hungary is Sovereign nation and an E.U member state situated in South-Eastern Europe. Hungary is landlocked, and its neighbors are Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Austria.

Hungary is a popular and economical tourist destination. The capital Budapest is rated by many as the most beautiful city in Europe, and is famed for its stunning architecture, especially when seen via a cruise on the Danube. Hungary is also an excellent family holiday location, with some of the most beautiful lakes, countryside and mountains to be found anywhere in Europe.

Hungary is a Christian country with a population of 9.9 million. It has several large foreign communities including German and Chinese. Many Hungarians speak German and English as second languages.


Benefits of Hungarian Citizenship

Initially, ownership of a Hungarian passport may not seem as appealing as possessing one for the UK, France or Germany. However when one takes into consideration the fact that a Hungarian passport has the exact same benefits as those of all three of Europe’s heavyweight nations in terms of visa-free entry into 170+ nations worldwide and the freedom to live and work anywhere in Western Europe for unlimited time, it suddenly becomes far more desirable.

Add to that the fact that Hungary is a beautiful country in its own right, with cheap property, low taxation and a low cost of living.

Crucially, Hungary’s Citizenship by Investment program is also one of the fastest and most economical to obtain. Below are a list of the benefits of Hungarian citizenship.

  • Hungarian Passport Grants Holder Full E.U Citizenship
  • Low Taxation – Corporate Tax 19% Individual Tax 16%
  • U Passport Grants Access To 170+ Countries
  • Freedom To Live And Work Anywhere In Europe Unhindered
  • Capital Budapest Is Most Beautiful City In Europe
  • National Identity Card and Passport in 3 months
  • €75,000 Covers All Processing Fees For National Identity Card and Biometric Passport
  • No Residency Requirements
  • No Dual Citizenship Restrictions


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