Arcandra Tahar, now the former energy and mining minister of Indonesia, has lost his job after only one month at the office. According to reports, the Indonesian president decided to take this major step after reports indicated that Tahar held dual citizenship (Indonesia and US).

To address public questions about the citizenship of Arcandra Tahar…, the president has decided to honorably remove Arcandra Tahar,” State Secretary Pratikno told reporters, announcing the move.

Indonesia is one of the few countries that do not recognize dual nationality for adults. While a number of residents are pushing for the government to rethink about its policies, no decision has been made on this yet. However, a great number of countries do not allow its ministers or government officials to hold dual citizenships.

The move has resulted in a lot of flak for now just the minister, but also the government. Analysts are criticizing the government for not being diligent enough and failing to do proper research before giving Tahar the position.

Tahar, who earlier worked for Petroneering, a Texas-based offshore engineering firm, has remained silent on the happenings so far. Many experts believe that he might be able to get back his position or at least continue his political career once he gives up his US nationality.

Indonesia is not the only country that does not allow dual nationalities. Some other countries that do so include Austria, Azerbaijan, China, Bahrain, India, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Poland, Tanzania, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Georgia, El Salvador, Djibouti, Azerbaijan and Montenegro.

And some countries allow dual nationality under special circumstances. These include Netherland, Panama, South Korea and Slovakia. But, there is no need to worry because some of the world’s most renowned nations do allow its citizens to enjoy the benefits of a dual citizenship. These include the likes of Canada and most European nations (Greece, Spain, Switzerland, The UK etc.). The United States too allows dual citizenship, but in most cases requires the applicant to declare other allegiances when applying for a US passport or other government programs.

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