Do you need a passport? Not just any passport an economic passport? The type of passport that can open up business opportunities, save you a fortune in tax, or, if you are an asylum seeker save your life? If an ordinary passport is what you are looking for, contact your local post office. However, if an economic passport is what you need, keep reading this article.


Is Getting A Second Passport Complicated?

Getting any passport can be complicated, even an update of the one that you’ve had for years. Now imagine the process of applying for second citizenship to a foreign country, possibly on another continent? First there is the language barrier, then there is the local bureaucracy and red-tape, local laws etc, etc. In short, it sounds like a nightmare, an impossible task, but of course it’s not, because the bottom line is that the country in question wants you to become a citizen because they want you to make a substantial economic investment.


Why Employing A Professional Is Essential

In any field of life, if you can employ a professional to do the job, you should do so. From getting your windows cleaned to fixing your car to getting you a second passport, if you can find a reliable, trustworthy expert to do the job, do so. It might cost you a little more, but in the time it took you to do the job, you could have earned that money anyway!

Applying for second citizenship is a complex task that is time consuming and often frustrating. If it’s not done correctly, time and money will be lost with no guarantee of another chance at that particular citizenship program. That’s why it is essential that your application is handled in a professional manner by a highly experienced and successful team of experts like those found at


Who Are

Established in Switzerland in 2004 with a view toward safeguarding wealth via the creation of legal, regulated tax-advantaged devices, have been at the cutting-edge of the economic passport industry for the past decade, with thousands of satisfied customers from both the business and human rights sectors. With offices as far afield as Singapore, Hong Kong, Guatemala, the USA, Caribbean, Russia and Germany, guarantees each applicant they take on board will be 100% successful in their quest for second citizenship in the fastest possible time.


Why Are Second Passports Becoming So Popular?

The main reason why second passports have suddenly become de rigueur in the business field is the growing trend of countries adopting a Citizenship by Investment program. Simply put, Citizenship by Investment means that as long as you can pass a background check, if you are prepared to donate sufficient funds to said country’s economy and go along with their residential rules during your application you will become a citizen and passport holder of that country, enjoying all of the benefits that will bring.

Businesspeople have long known the benefits of holding two or more passports for reasons of tax and commercial opportunity, but few were privileged enough to be in a position to capitalize on it until now. Citizenship by Investment has opened the doors wide and means that anyone with the resources and the inclination can now prosper in a way only possible by holding an economic passport.


How Quickly Can I Get A Second Passport?

Programs vary from country to country. If you are looking at second citizenship for one of the Caribbean islands featured on like Dominica or St Kitts and Nevis, the processing time from start to finish can be as little as four months. Likewise some of the smaller European nations like Malta and Cyprus can have your second passport ready for you in a matter of months, while the larger countries like Portugal and the UK take considerably longer (5-6 years).

If time is of great importance to you, so much so that you are in an emergency situation and can prove that to be the case, can dramatically speed up the citizenship process for several countries including Guatemala and Russia. In an emergency situation can Fast Track your application so that you receive second citizenship in 60 days or less.


How Cheap Is An Economic Passport?

The cost of Citizenship by Investment can vary widely from country to country. While second citizenship in Cyprus is one of the fastest to achieve, it is also one of the costliest, with a minimum investment outlay of 3 million required.

Far cheaper is the Caribbean island of Dominica, famed for its breathtaking, unspoiled coastline, beautiful weather and discreet, flexible banking. The cost of second citizenship in Dominica begins at around $90,000.

Cheaper still is the Central American republic of Guatemala. Guatemala is also famed for its banking plus its tax rates, which are 25% for business and only 7% for individual one of the lowest rates in the world. The outlay for citizenship in Guatemala starts at around $60,000.


What Do I Do Next?

If you have now decided that you need a second passport, the simplest thing to do is contact You can either contact us directly via our encrypted phone and Skype lines, or if you prefer, you can ask for more information or a quote via email, WhatsApp or Telegram.

Second citizenship will soon be an essential tool for any self-respecting business person, so make that enquiry today!



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Need A Passport?
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Need A Passport?
Do you need a passport? Not just any passport an economic passport? The type of passport that can open up business opportunities, save you a fortune in tax, or, if you are an asylum seeker save your life?
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