The Netherlands is the latest EU country to offer high net-worth individuals from outside the European Union the opportunity of residency. The Dutch Investment Residency Program allows successful applicants the right to live and work in Holland and travel freely throughout the Schengen area in return for a specific financial investment into their country.

The Netherlands also often referred to as Holland is a Western European country of great tradition, significance and standing both currently and historically. While relatively small and flat in terms of land-mass, the Netherlands is densely populated with more than 17 million inhabitants. Holland was one of the first multi-cultural societies in the world, and while 78% of the population are Dutch by birth, there are also large communities of Europeans from other countries as well as Arabs, Asians, Africans and Afro-Caribbeans.

The capital of Holland is Amsterdam, and its second city is Rotterdam. The Hague is Holland’s third largest city, and the home of the International Court of Justice. The Netherlands is a Christian country, and while its population speak Dutch as a first language, 98% speak English also.


Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by investment (CBI) is the increasingly common practice of a nation making its passport and citizenship available to a foreign investor for the right price as long as said investor is of sound character and can pass a thorough background check.

The birthplace of CBI is the Caribbean, where the wealthy still flock to take advantage of the miniscule taxation and legendarily discreet banking provided by countries like St Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Grenada and the Cayman Islands.

The people who seek out CBI with a European Union country do so for completely different reasons. Usually they hail from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, are highly successful business people in their own countries, but who find their own citizenship and passport stifling and limiting.

These are individuals that are keen to be able to live and work throughout Europe and advance their business interests worldwide. An EU passport on average grants its holder access to 160 countries visa free, more than triple what the average passport from African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries provides.


Do the Netherland’s have CBI?


As of yet, Holland does not have a specific Citizenship by Investment program, but they do have something very similar. The Netherlands Investment Residency Program allows applicants the right to live and work without time limitation in Holland, and to travel within the EU for up to 90 days at a time. Dutch residency is granted to successful applicants within 90 days, and after five years of running or financing a business in Holland, applicants can apply for full Dutch citizenship and a passport.


Benefits of the Netherlands Investment Residency Program:

  • Freedom of movement within the Schengen Area and other EU member countries.
  • Unrestricted right to live and work in the Netherlands.
  • The geographical location of Holland (the center of Western Europe, bordering Belgium and Germany) provides individuals with a wide range of businesses opportunities.
  • Holland is blessed with a beneficial tax system for both business and the individual
  • As the holder of a Dutch residence permit one is entitled to medical treatment, maternity benefit, unemployment benefit and health benefit
  • The procedure of residency is fast, and usually takes no more than three months


What the Netherlands Government requires of Residency Program applicants:

  • A capital investment into the Dutch private sector of at least €1.25 million. This can be made via the purchase of (or investment into) a Dutch company, or through a SEED fund. The investment must be proven to be of value to the Dutch economy, and must lead to the creation of at least ten jobs over five years
  • The funds used to obtain a Netherlands Residency Program must be of a reputable source. To ensure against money laundering, the Dutch authorities will perform a thorough check on the origin of the funds used in the investment
  • Applicants will have to undergo a thorough background check
  • Applicants must pass a thorough medical examination, and take out medical insurance with a Dutch insurance company

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