For months, has been advising potential purchasers to act fast and take advantage of their exclusive and extremely economical Turkish citizenship offer before that nation put forward their official – and far more expensive – CBI program. Now, according to speculation in the Turkish media, it seems like that could be happening sooner rather than later.

According to an article published in the Turkish newspaper The Daily Sabah in late 2016, Turkey is to go ahead with a citizenship by investment (CBI) program. The article states that the Development Minister Lütfi Elvan (pictured below) said that the Turkish Interior Ministry “is working on a two-phase transition plan for granting citizenship to foreign investors.”

The article goes on to say that foreign investors will be granted official permission to remain in Turkey – possibly by virtue of a residency permit – while their citizenship application is processed. If during their period of residency they “do not create problems”, citizenship will be granted upon completion of a decreed financial investment. The phrase “do not create problems” may have been lost in translation, and likely means that applicants must show good character during their period of residency.

The article states that the minimum required investment will be determined by a Turkish Cabinet decision. According to Lütfi Elvan, the development of the CBI program was put on hold because of the July 2016 coup attempt, but is now almost complete and will soon be launched. The article went on to say that the program would be of interest to foreign investors looking to purchase property or establish a business in Turkey, and that the aim of the program was to encourage foreign investment in the country. The article finished by stating that the practice of CBI was in place in many other countries in the world.


Turkish CBI Program Could Cost €1 Million

No actual investment figure was mentioned in the original article. However another website also picked up the story, and claimed that the cost of the Turkish CBI program will be a €1 million real estate purchase or business investment. If this is correct, either Turkey are overpricing a CBI program for a country that is not yet in the EU, or they know something that we don’t, and their EU membership is in the bag.

As the original article was printed in Arabic, this news has only just come to our attention, meaning that at least three months has elapsed, and the completed Turkish CBI program could be due for announcement very soon. The Daily Sabah is a pro-government publication, which gives even more credence that there is something genuine behind the article, and that Turkey’s impending CBI program is indeed imminent.


Could UK Brexit Exit Boost Turkey’s EU Membership?

UK PM Theresa May’s surprising about-turn in recent months from staunch Europhile into pro-Brexiteer who now cannot seem to activate Article 50 soon enough, and has recently promised her country a “hard Brexit” will surely be filling the Turks with hope that their much craved EU membership is surely now a formality.

The UK were major opponents of Turkey’s EU acceptance, but thanks to what now looks like Britain’s inevitable and decisive departure from the European Union, the EU powerbrokers of France and Germany will be in need of a UK-sized replacement that is both a strong economy and delivers a huge consumer market.

Turkey has a stronger economy and higher GDP than several EU members, has a population of almost 80 million (14 million more than the UK), and in an era where Europe is increasingly concerned by Wladimir Putin’s Russia and their constant sabre rattling, the addition of what would be the EU’s largest army will be a welcome factor. The Turkish Armed Forces are almost 700,000 strong, and rank as the second largest military force in NATO, behind the U.S. Armed Forces. In an era where Europe cannot necessarily rely on Donald Trump’s America for guaranteed military backup, can they really ignore Turkey any further? Turkish Citizenship Offer

For now at least, the Turkish CBI program is still just speculation, although it would seem to be more a case of “when” rather than “if”. In the meantime, there is still time to take advantage of’s special offer on Turkish citizenship which was announced late last year.

As is sometimes the case in the second citizenship industry, were handed an exclusive deal with the Turkish authorities to grant citizenship and passports to a limited number of their high net-worth investor clients, at the discretion of themselves. The cost of citizenship is a charitable donation of €65,000 to the Turkish government, and delivery time is between 3-8 weeks. still has a number of these citizenship programs available, but as the cost is one 20th of the price Turkey may soon be charging for their CBI program, these remaining programs will soon be snapped up, so our advice to any investor who has been speculating on contacting over their Turkish offer would be make that call today!

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