2ndPassports.com is proud to announce it had been chosen as the exclusive agent for the new Nicaragua Citizenship by Investment program, the latest addition to the CBI market and one that offers a powerful passport with access to some of the strongest economies and biggest markets in the world.

In 2017, the Central American Republic of Nicaragua became the latest country to commission a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program, with the express purpose of attracting wealthy, ambitious foreign investors to a country with vast and as of yet untapped potential. Citizenship by investment is the process of a foreign investor acquiring the citizenship and passport of a new country, in return for making a financial investment into that country, normally in the shape of a real estate buy, a bond purchase or a charitable donation. CBI gives foreign investors – particularly those from Asia, Africa and the Middle East – the chance of owning citizenship to a country that possibly has a better international reputation than their own, but also gives them the opportunity of a passport with far more power than the one they currently have. A passport’s power is judged on the amount of countries it has access to without the need of a visa.


Nicaragua – A Nation For The Future

Nicaragua is a country of just under 10 million people, of which more than a fifth reside in the capital – Managua. Like most Central American countries, Nicaragua is a nation that is blessed both with infinite beauty and with an abundance of natural resources. Some of the deepest and densest rainforests can be found in Nicaragua, complete with a wide variety of exotic wildlife. Nicaraguan beaches are long and unspoiled, with golden sands and clear turquoise waters. Nicaragua already has a vibrant and growing tourism industry, and holidaymakers and tourists who visit the country always speak of the friendliness and hospitality of the locals. However, despite the fact that the Nicaraguan economy grows stronger every year, it still remains one of the poorest nations in Central America. While this is not a great state of affairs for local citizens, and one which is bound to change, for foreign investors looking for great value, Nicaraguan real estate is cheap, and the cost of living in the country in general is extremely affordable.


Next-Door Neighbors With Costa Rica

One of the global success stories of recent decades has been that of another Central American republic, Costa Rica, dubbed the “Switzerland of South America.” Like Nicaragua, Costa Rica had its share of political turmoil and bloodshed in the 20th century, including a civil war. However since the 1940s when Costa Rica chose to become one of the few nations on earth without a military, it has become one of the most respected countries on the planet, revered for its progressive environmental policies, its focus on education and healthcare and its low crime rate. Despite its small size, Costa Rica has consistently been the most stable, prosperous, and forward-thinking nation in all of Latin America.

In recent years Costa Rica has become a virtual magnate for foreign investors looking to buy into – and even live in – the land which is often labeled “The Happiest Country In The World.” As a result, the Costa Rican economy is booming, and as a result, property prices are among the steepest in Latin America.

Nicaragua shares a border and coastline with Costa Rica, and that’s not all the two countries have in common. Both nations have virtually identical DNA when it comes to their lush land and beautiful beaches, not to mention their wonderfully friendly inhabitants. As early as 2014, no lesser an online news outlet than the Huffington Post asked “Is Nicaragua the Next Costa Rica?” and was describing it as one of Latin America’s “best kept secrets”. Judging by the country’s increasing popularity, stability, low crime rate and strengthening economy, the answer to the Huff Post’s question would seem to be a resounding “Yes!”


2ndPassports.com’s Exclusive Nicaragua CBI Offer

Online second citizenship specialists 2ndPassports.com are proud to announce their exclusive CBI program for Nicaragua. Foreign investors desperate for second citizenship and a much more powerful passport than the one they are currently packing now have the opportunity to invest into one of the most exciting young countries in the world, and gain that country’s citizenship and passport in the process.

The Nicaraguan passport currently has visa-free access to 112 countries around the globe, including all of those of Western Europe including the UK plus the remaining 27 European Union member states including Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Uniquely, the Nicaraguan passport also grants visa-free access to all of the nations of Eastern Europe and Eurasia, including Russia and the Ukraine. As Nicaragua’s reputation as a safe nation and favorable tourist destination grows, its visa-free country quota will surely increase also. Costa Rica’s passport currently has visa-free access to 134 countries, and there is every reason to believe that the Nicaraguan passport will be performing equally as well in the coming years.

Previously, there had only been a Nicaraguan residency program available, and that had limited an investor to a period of waiting that amounted to several years before they could formally apply for full Nicaraguan citizenship and a passport. Now, if an investor goes via 2ndPassports.com, they can receive full Nicaraguan citizenship and that powerful new passport in a fraction of the time, complete with several enticing add-ons.


Nicaraguan Citizenship By Investment Program

Visa Free Countries112
Schengen Zone Access Yes
Minimum Residency RequiredNo
National Identity Card IncludedYes
Driver’s License IncludedYes
Processing Time60 Days


Benefits Of 2ndPassports.com’s Nicaragua CBI Program

Here is a summary of the benefits of Nicaraguan citizenship, the Nicaraguan passport and 2ndPassports.com’s Nicaraguan CBI program;

  • The Nicaraguan Passport Is Ranked in the Top 50 Passports in the World (Currently 46th) – And Set To Climb Further
  • The Nicaraguan Passport Has Visa Free Access to 112 countries
  • Nicaraguan Passport Has Access To All Of Europe – both East And West
  • Nicaraguan Passport has 5 year validity and renewable for life
  • There Is No Minimum Residency Required Of An Investor
  • A Nicaraguan National Identity Card Is Included In 2ndPassports.com’s Program
  • A Nicaraguan Driver’s License Included In 2ndPassports.com’s Program
  • Full Medical Included In 2ndPassports.com’s Program
  • Pension Programs Included In 2ndPassports.com’s Program
  • Free Education and University Reimbursement Plans are provided
  • Privacy and Anonymity Is Guaranteed By 2ndPassports.com
  • As A Nicaraguan Passport Holder An Investor Is Free To Live and Work Anywhere Within The Schengen Area Without A Visa
  • Investors Will Receive Their Nicaraguan Passport And National Identity Card Within 60 Working Days


2ndPassports.com’s Nicaraguan CBI program offers investors two options to choose from:

  • Corporate Investment: An investor can make a refundable US$100,000 investment into the country via a Nicaraguan “Sociedad Anónima” corporation
  • Real Estate Purchase: An investor can purchase real estate in Nicaragua for a minimum value of US$100,000

Once the investment has been made, 2ndPassports.com will deliver the investor with their Nicaraguan citizenship documents and passport within 60 working days. 2ndPassports.com has exclusive rights to Nicaragua’s CBI program for a limited time only. When Nicaragua eventually decides to make their program freely available, it will be considerably more expensive, so interested parties would be well advised to take full advantage of this exciting offer while it lasts.



2ndPassports.com have long been established as the market leaders in the second citizenship industry, and their goal is to find the perfect CBI or Investor Visa program for people who are looking for a greater freedom of movement.

Wealthy individuals from the Middle East, Asia and Africa often find themselves restricted by their nationality and their passport, and the acquisition of second citizenship and resulting ownership of a considerably more powerful passport invariably proves to be a life changing occurrence. Thousands of investors take the plunge every year – why not you?

For more information on becoming a Nicaraguan citizen and receiving a Nicaraguan passport, contact 2ndPassports.com today. They will give you all the information you require on Nicaragua’s exciting new CBI program, and how it can benefit you.

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2ndPassports.com is proud to announce it had been chosen as the exclusive agent for the new Nicaragua Citizenship by Investment program, the latest addition to the CBI market and one that offers a powerful passport with access to some of the strongest economies and biggest markets in the world.
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