Nicaragua is the latest country to establish itself as a bona-fide tax haven. The only catch is that Nicaraguan banks prefer their clients to become residents – or even citizens. Luckily for wealthy investors keen on using Nicaragua’s banking services, has the perfect solution to any citizenship problems.

It’s no secret that a multitude of wealthy individuals from as diverse a range of locations as China, Singapore, the Middle East, Europe, Russian and the US have one major thing in common; the desire to get a large percentage of their assets out of their homeland, and place them somewhere else. Those wealthy individuals might be acting for their own benefit, or representing a corporation (or even a country) and that “somewhere else” will invariably be a tax haven, where the banks are ultra-discreet, and the tax is miniscule.


Caribbean And Central American Tax Havens

A tax haven is a country or principality with favorable tax laws and discreet banking. Ironically, the more the US and Europe attempt to assert uniformity in global taxation and hold individuals to account on every penny they earn and own, and the more the US and EU try and make all of the banks in the world transparent, resulting in those banks treating long-standing clients like “gangsters and terrorists”, the more new countries announce themselves as tax havens.

Currently, the no.1 area of the globe for discreet banking and low to zero taxation is the Caribbean and Central America. West Indian islands like the Caymans, Bermuda, St Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda have long been synonymous with tax shelters and extremely private banking. In recent years, Central American republics like Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, and most recently Nicaragua have offered wealthy Americans a discreet banking and taxation option that is extremely close to home.


How CBI Can Benefit Banking In Nicaragua

Many Nicaraguan banks require prospective clients to become Nicaraguan residents prior to opening an account. Some don’t, but the longest established and most secure banks do. Becoming a Nicaraguan resident is not too complicated, but if you are the type of individual that is forward thinking enough to consider acquiring the residency of a country in order to benefit from its banking, you may well be interested in acquiring its citizenship and its powerful passport, especially if you are an investor from the Middle East, Africa or Asia. have just become the exclusive agents for Nicaragua’s citizenship by investment program. This means that investors looking to utilize Nicaraguan banking can easily circumvent the obstacle of acquiring Nicaraguan residency by instead gaining second citizenship and a passport to Nicaragua. Here are just some of the benefits to be gained from the acquisition of Nicaraguan citizenship and its passport:

  • The Nicaraguan Passport Is Ranked in the Top 50 Passports in the World (Currently 46th) – And Set To Climb Further
  • The Nicaraguan Passport Has Visa Free Access to 112 countries
  • Nicaraguan Passport Has Access To All Of Europe – both East And West
  • Nicaraguan Passport has 5 year validity and renewable for life
  • There Is No Minimum Residency Required Of An Investor
  • A Nicaraguan National Identity Card Is Included In’s Program
  • A Nicaraguan Driver’s License Included In’s Program
  • Full Medical Included In’s Program
  • Pension Programs Included In’s Program
  • Free Education and University Reimbursement Plans are provided
  • Privacy and Anonymity Is Guaranteed By
  • As A Nicaraguan Passport Holder An Investor Is Free To Live and Work Anywhere Within The Schengen Area Without A Visa
  • Investors Will Receive Their Nicaraguan Passport And National Identity Card Within 60 Working Days

So, if you are a high net worth investor heralding from a country with a poorly performing passport (one with access to less than 70 countries, and no visa-free access to any countries in Europe), you might want to consider the Nicaraguan CBI program.


Nicaragua’s Main Banks

Once you have established your residency or indeed, become a fully-fledged Nicaraguan passport holder, you will need to choose a bank that fits your needs. can help you with that process, but in the meantime, some of the main banks in Nicaragua are:

Banco de America Central (BAC)

Founded in 1952 in Nicaragua’s capital Managua, Banco de America Central (pictured above) is one of the most prominent banks in Central America and the Caribbean, with branches in the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama. It is a modern bank and facilitates its clients to manage their accounts via email and phone from outside of the country.


Banco de la Producción (BANPRO) is another prominent and respected Nicaraguan bank, which offers foreign investors the option of credit/debit cards, check books and online bill pay services. The minimum deposit required to open an account with BANPRO is $500, which is also the minimum required monthly balance.


Banco de Credito Centroamericano (BANCENTRO) is another respected Nicaraguan bank geared toward foreign investors. BANCENTRO offers its clients virtually the same services as other Nicaraguan banks, such as credit/debit cards and online banking. However, a feature which is unique to BANCENTRO is their “Autobanco” option, which allows clients to make transactions from within their car… hopefully not while they are driving!

Banco de Finanzas (BDF)

Like BAC, Banco de Finanzas is a long-established, popular and reputable commercial bank in Nicaragua which caters for high net-worth foreign investors. It was founded in 1992 and is primarily based in Managua, although it has several branches across the country. Clients of BDF can access their accounts online, and make deposits and transactions while in any part of the world.

Long established as the market leaders in the second citizenship industry,’s primary goal is to find the perfect CBI or Investor Visa program for people who are looking for a greater freedom of movement. As is constantly liaising with countries which are considered tax havens, our knowledge of the banks in these countries is second to none.

For more information on becoming a Nicaraguan citizen, receiving a Nicaraguan passport, and which Nicaraguan bank would best suit your specific needs, contact today. They will give you all the information you require on Nicaragua’s exciting new CBI program, and how it can benefit you.

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