The Nicaraguan passport is now available to foreign investors via an exclusive CBI program with, and it is already proving to be an extremely popular addition to their second citizenship roster. But what’s so good about the Nicaraguan passport, and why would a foreign investor need one? To find out, read on.

Nicaragua is a Central American republic of six million people, a former Spanish colony that borders Costa Rica and Honduras, with coastlines to the Caribbean and the Pacific. Nicaragua is a nation looking to put behind its troubled past (a civil war that lasted almost 30 years) and instead look to the future, and with its natural beauty and friendly natives, it’s already proving to be a popular tourist/holiday destination. Nicaragua also has one of the fastest rising economies in all of Latin America, making it a perfect location for ambitious investors.


What’s So Special About The Nicaraguan Passport?

Since announced its exclusive deal to promote Nicaragua via its citizenship by investment program, the interest in this passport has been overwhelming. Not since announced its specialized Turkish CBI program last year has there been so much interest in a new second passport package.

At first glance, it’s hard to see what all the fuss is about: Nicaragua is hardly the most high-profile nation in Latin America, its passport has visa-free access to 112 countries – a respectable tally but hardly sensational, and at $100,000, it’s certainly an economical program, but not as cheap as that of Caribbean island Dominica or Central American neighbor Guatemala for example.

However, closer inspection reveals several factors about the Nicaraguan CBI program which makes for an extremely enticing mix, one which is sure to appeal to foreign investors who are desperate for a more powerful passport than the one they currently own, but crucially, need a passport that will grant them access to varied and specific parts of the globe that far more powerful passports don’t have access to. In short, a passport that has access to London, Paris, Berlin… and Moscow!


Nicaragua Is The Next Costa Rica

Nicaragua will soon rival next-door neighbor Costa Rica as a Central American safe-haven, an eco-friendly holiday destination, and a location where young, idealistic, super-wealthy entrepreneurs choose to make their dream home as well as their base of operations. But don’t just take’s word for it, the speculation that Nicaragua is the new Costa Rica has been brewing for several years, judging by articles featured in 2012 on the Fox News website, in 2014 in the Huffington Post, and most recently, last year on the Toronto Star website.

Geographically, both countries couldn’t be more alike: Nicaragua is blessed with the same beautiful beaches and fabulous rainforests as Costa Rica, although Nicaragua is more than twice as big as Costa Rica in terms of surface area, and with a considerably larger population.

Both nations are renowned for their friendly natives, and for the safety they offer to foreigners. Indeed, Costa Rica and Nicaragua are ranked 1st and 2nd respectively as the safest countries in Central America. Costa Rica have long had a reputation for being ecologically aware, and Nicaragua are also mimicking their neighbors in that respect.


Nicaragua Set To Rival Panama As A Tax Haven

While Costa Rica is tax-friendly enough to have been called the “Switzerland of Central America” on more than one occasion, the country is too aware of its position as a global example of a caring, fair, eco-conscious society to incur the wrath of global taxation watchdogs by setting itself up as a nation where large corporations can park their assets.

Nicaragua however is already establishing itself as something of an offshore tax-haven along the lines of Central American neighbors Panama. After the infamous “Panama Papers” scandal of 2015 rocked that country to its core, many wealthy investors found themselves looking for a less high-profile location to protect their assets – and as a result Nicaragua’s banks suddenly became very popular.


The Establishment Of The Nicaragua Canal Will Make Them A Major Player

The Nicaragua Canal was given the green light of approval by the UN in 2013, and the Chinese government is keen to stump up the $40 billion it will cost. But what exactly is the Nicaraguan Canal? The Nicaraguan Canal is a planned shipping route which will pass through Nicaragua, connecting the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean.

Starting from the Caribbean coastline, the canal would cut across mainland Nicaragua, pass through the vast Lake Nicaragua, and then cut through the capital city Managua before reaching the Pacific Ocean.

The project was due to begin work in 2016, but has been delayed by ecologists querying how the canal will effect Lake Nicaragua, while thousands of farmers fearful of losing their livelihood have harried the start of work. However, all that would seem to be delaying the inevitable; the Nicaragua Canal will be built, most likely by 2020, it will be three times longer than the Panama Canal, and it will be massively beneficial to Central America – and Nicaragua in particular.


The Nicaraguan Passport Offers Diverse Visa-Free Access

Nicaragua currently has visa-free access to 112 countries worldwide. While this tally of nations is far superior to the vast majority of passports from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, it is some way short of the 160-or-more average of countries from North America and the EU. However, what sets the Nicaraguan passport aside from the vast majority of similar documents, and even makes it arguably superior to those of the EU, is its access to both Western and Eastern European countries. Most passports from Western Europe plus those of North America do not have access to Eastern Europe.

The Nicaraguan passport grants its holder visa-free access to all Western European nations, regardless of current political trends. For example, it has full access to all EU and Schengen Zone members, and also has access to EU wantaways the UK. However – and crucially for some businesspeople who need to travel East – it also has access to most of Eastern Europe, including Russia, Poland and Belarus.

Why does the Nicaragua passport have such access? Could it be due to an attack of collective conscience by countries from the East and West who used Nicaragua like a pawn in a chess game during that nation’s 28-year revolution/civil war? At various points of the conflict, countries as diverse as the USA, the USSR, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Pakistan, Cuba, Mexico and Sweden were backing one side or the other. It’s a simple theory, but might go some way to explaining why the Nicaraguan passport has visa-free access to Western Europe in its entirety plus almost all of Eastern Europe.

Additionally, the Nicaraguan passport has access to the tax-haven nations of the Caribbean, plus most of Southeast Asia including such commercial powerhouses as South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.


Nicaragua CBI At

Currently, there are two ways of gaining Nicaraguan citizenship; an investor can either embark on a Nicaraguan residency program which will require a financial investment and a waiting period of approximately 5 years of residency before application for full Nicaraguan citizenship.

The second option is via the Nicaraguan citizenship by investment program currently exclusively on offer with If an investor chooses this option, they will receive their Nicaraguan citizenship and passport within 60 working days, as well as a Nicaraguan driving license. For further information about the benefits of the Nicaragua CBI program, as well as what is required of an investor, simply click on this link. have long been established as the market leaders in the second citizenship industry, and their goal is to find the perfect CBI or Investor Visa program for people who are looking for a greater freedom of movement.

Wealthy individuals from the Middle East, Asia and Africa often find themselves restricted by their nationality and their passport, and the acquisition of second citizenship and resulting ownership of a considerably more powerful passport invariably proves to be a life changing occurrence. Thousands of investors take the plunge every year – why not you?

For more information on becoming a Nicaraguan citizen and receiving a Nicaraguan passport, contact today. They will give you all the information you require on Nicaragua’s exciting new CBI program, and how it can benefit you.

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