Second citizenship is rapidly becoming an essential tool in today’s business world. Any self respecting businessperson who owns only the passport they were entitled to at birth is at a distinct disadvantage to a rival who has dual or even triple citizenship. Holding an economic passport (a passport obtained legally for business or civil purposes) opens up new options of business, banking and investment opportunities, and business people have to increasingly ask themselves the question: can I afford to be left behind?


How Can I Apply For A Second Passport Online?

Making initial enquiries and then going ahead and applying for an economic passport online is easy, thanks to Simply go to our homepage and browse through the Citizenship by Investment programs featured. Click on the MORE INFORMATION button to find out additional information on a particular country’s program.


Who Are

Established in Switzerland in 2004, now have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Guatemala, Russia, Germany and the USA. 2ndPassports have helped thousands achieve their dream of second citizenship, whether that dream be born out of economic hardship or the need for self-preservation. Application for a foreign passport can be complex, frustrating and tiresome, three reasons why it should be left in the hands of the experts. will help find the Citizenship by Investment program which is best for you, then steer you smoothly through the process, staying by your side until you receive your new passport.


Which Online Passport Is Best For Me?

With so many countries now offering Citizenship by Investment programs, one needs to be sure of making the right choice before committing themselves. The simplest thing to do is ask yourself what is my current passport and citizenship failing to give me? Fair taxation? Visa-free travel? Basic civil rights? If you are still in doubt as to which program would be best for you, simply drop us a line at and speak to an expert. In the meantime, here are some options.


E.U and the USA

The most desirable economic passports are for the E.U member states and the United States, simply for the prestige they have, the amount of countries that can be visited visa-free by the owner, and the business opportunities they open up. If you are from the Middle-East, Latin America, Africa or Asia you should look to target an E.U or US passport, and you should begin the process by contacting

Right now, Portugal, Malta and Cyprus have excellent Citizenship by Investment programs available that will entitle the successful applicant to exactly the same living, working and travel rights within Europe as citizens of such powerhouses as Germany, the UK and France have.

If you are already hold an E.U or US passport, there are two other very interesting second citizenship options available for you to consider.



If you are being hit hard by taxes, you could move your business to Russia, where individual tax is fixed at 13% and business tax is just 20%. As of 2015, Russia is accepting Citizenship by Investment, and their program is one of the most competitive out there in terms of initial financial outlay compared to potential returns. Moscow is the business hub for Eastern Europe, China, Asia and much of the Middle East, and their Citizenship by Investment program will soon see an influx of Western business also. can rapidly up the application process for Russian citizenship. If you can convince us that you are in an emergency situation and an economic passport is of the utmost importance to your wellbeing, we can fast track your application so that you receive your Russian passport in just 60 days. Click on the box marked IN A HURRY? on the homepage for more information.


The Caribbean

Alternatively, you could look to taking out an economic passport with one of the Caribbean countries that offer excellent, highly affordable Citizenship by Investment programs. Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis and Dominica all offer investors the opportunity to gain citizenship quickly (Antigua and Barbuda promise citizenship in 3-4 months) and economically (a Dominican passport comes with a minimum investment of just $90,000.)

Each of these Caribbean islands makes for excellent holiday locations with breathtaking beaches and scenery, and would surely be great places to live also. But that’s not the main reason why businesspeople take out second citizenship to these islands. The banks in the Caribbean are known the world over for their flexibility, their creativity, and most importantly of all, their discretion. It is estimated that banks in the Caribbean (including those in the Cayman Islands) are holding some $13 trillion in assets, so they are past masters at looking after your money!

Why not make your second passport online application today? You can contact with full discretion and via our encrypted lines by telephone or on Skype. If you prefer you can send us a message using email, WhatsApp or Telegram if you need more information or you would like a quote.

In a shrinking world, but with an ever increasing worldwide business market, second citizenship makes perfect sense. Gives us a call and speak to one of our experts today it could be the most important call you make this year!



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