The after effects of Brexit are still not clear, but one thing that has become very clear in the last few weeks is the fact that a lot of British nationals are looking at getting a second passport.

Following the post-Brexit conundrum, several hundred British Jews have inquired about getting EU passports.

A synagogue had reported that she had received a plethora of requests people asking her for help obtaining second citizenships. In addition, German, Portuguese and Polish sources in particular have also revealed that a wave of passport requests is flooding in from the Jewish community.

So far, about 5000 Brit-Jews have formally stepped forward to secure a German passport, following the referendum result.

Jews who are currently in the hopes of securing European passports often talk bitterly about the referendum referring to it as utterly devastating and all around bad news. In addition, they have taken this step because they claim they now feel more European than ever.

One British born citizen who’s currently trying to apply for a German passport said that he wants to enjoy the privilege of standing in the EU citizens’ queue at airports. He further added that Brexit was the equivalent of ditching your partner in bed and finishing the job solo instead.

Many Brits feel that a number of things could go wrong, including a severe economic catastrophe. This is the very reason British Jewish citizens are desperately seeking a second passport to deal with the aftermath. All they want is a safe passage out of the UK and the ability to seamlessly work and travel anywhere in Europe.

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