In 2015 Russia unveiled their economic Citizenship by Investment program, becoming the first World Power to do so. Investors can now acquire Russian citizenship and a passport either by donating to a charity specified by the Russian Government, or by an investment purchase.


Key Benefits

  • A Russian passport can be obtained in 45 days or less using’s Fast Track option
  • The Russian Citizenship by Investment program requires only 90 days of physical presence during the initial 1 year period.
  • Pick-up of the Russian passport can be undertaken either in a Russian Federal Migration Services Office or at an Embassy, High Commission or Consular Office of Russia.
  • While the a Russian passport has a 5 and 10 year validity period, reapplication is fast and simple
  • A Russia passport provides visa free access to approximately 105 countries including the areas of Latin America, Eastern Europe, much of Asia and the Far East, plus the specialized banking and tax-havens of the Caribbean and Central America
  • Russia is a business and cultural hub for all of Europe. Travel connections are excellent, especially in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, with regular flights to and from Europe, USA and all of Asia.
  • will provide the real estate acquisition, plus all legal, financial and property asset management services.


Minimum Investment

The specifications for investment under the Russian Citizenship by Investment program are:

    • 7,500,000 Rubles (approx. $100,000) donation to National fund (or)
    • 15,000,000 Rubles (approx. $200,000) investment in real estate (or)
    • 35,000,000 Rubles (approx. $470, 000) business investment

Via’s Fast Track service, the Russian passport can be issued to the applicant within 2-3 months, with a 5-year non-biometric and 10year biometric option.

Please advise if you have time restraints and need to obtain your documents as quickly as possible.


Fee and Costs

The Russian government has issued a limited offer for early-bird applicants. The investment amount is reduced to $250,000, plus the government fee is waived for 3 additional applicants.

  • Minimum Investment – $250,000 or real estate investment of 15,000,000 Rubles (approx. $200,000)+
  • Due Diligence Fee – $7,500+
  • Government Fee: $50,000+
  • Lawyer Fee to be mentioned in quote
  • Passport fee – $300

The costs will total approx. $292,000 per person. Additional costs will apply for dependents and family members. Please contact for a more specific quote.


Russian Taxes

There are is a capital gains or personal tax of 13% across all brackets of income in Russia. Corporate tax is set at 20%, lower than any country in Western Europe.

Property tax is levied on all properties in Russia. The taxable value is based upon the property’s current market value and construction replacement cost, with the applicable tax rate dependent upon the classification of the property (residential or commercial).


Documents Required

These documents must be prepared and updated when applying for Russian citizenship.

  • Medical certificate (HIV clearance)
  • Police clearance certificate or Certificate of no criminal record
  • Copy/copies of original passport/passports
  • Marriage certificate, with spouse as dependent
  • Original birth certificate

**All documents must have an apostille seal.



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