In June 2014 Russia became the first world power to pass a law authorizing Citizenship by Investment, joining a select bunch of countries throughout the world who literally hand out their passports to those who are A) willing to pay whatever the price might be and B) pass all background checks and demands imposed on the individual by that country.

Russia began issuing second passports in early 2015, with one of the most high profile applicants being boxing legend and former four-weight world champion Roy Jones Jr, who became a Russian citizen in September of that year.


What is Citizenship by Investment?

Citizenship by Investment is a completely legal opportunity that gives both businessmen and asylum seekers the opportunity to gain citizenship and a passport to a second country, while in return generating income and business for the country at hand.

Other countries employing a Citizenship by Investment program include Malta, Cyprus, Dominica and St Kitts and Nevis, while countries including the UK, USA, Austria, Portugal and Spain have similar systems in place where investors can become first residents and eventually citizens.


Why Choose Russia?

Russia has traditionally been a chosen destination for Chinese businessmen and their families, but as one of the world’s oil and gas powerhouses, and with Moscow increasingly becoming one of Europe’s major business hubs, Russian citizenship is also highly sought after by many residents of former Eastern Bloc and Soviet countries.

However with Russia’s Citizenship by Investment program being one of the fastest to acquire yet most affordable (cheaper for example than citizenship to St Kitts and Nevis), and with no pressure on surrendering ones original citizenship (unlike the UK and the US), the Russian second passport program looks set to be one of the most popular very soon.


Benefits of Russian Citizenship

As a Russian passport holder you will be able to travel visa free to 78 countries, 35 via visa upon arrival and nine via electronic visa, which adds up to 122 easily accessible countries.

A Russian passport can be yours within 2-3 months (use 2ndpassports.coms Fast Track service to guarantee an even faster delivery) and has up to ten years of validity.

The Russian tax system is arguably the best in Europe. Corporate tax is just 20%, while individual tax is only 13% for residents (30% for non-residents.)

A minimum investment of $100,000 can secure Russian citizenship, which is a fraction of the $290,000 to become a St Kitts and Nevis passport holder.


Why use are the market leader in online second citizenship procurement, and have been helping businessmen and asylum seekers secure that precious (and sometimes life saving) second passport for more than a decade. While we are officially based in Switzerland, we also have offices in the USA, Russia, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and Guatemala and can arrange personal meetings with clients in any of those locations.

At we have seen the Citizen by Investment program snowball over the past decade from just a handful of tiny countries into an option that many nations may soon consider. As years go by, the process becomes easier but is still complex and time-consuming, and that is where our expertise becomes priceless.

If you would like to acquire a Russian passport, we can take care of all negotiations for you, smoothing out any complications that may arise and advising you on the best possible investment portfolio for you in Russia, and ensuring that you receive citizenship for the lowest total outlay possible and in the fastest time.

For more information on all of our Second Citizenship programs, browse the selection on the homepage. There you will find a complete breakdown of what benefits acquiring citizenship to each particular country will bring you, and in return what will be required of you for any selection you may choose.

You can contact 24-hours per day, 365 days of the year, and by a multitude of platforms. You can contact us via email, Whatsapp or Telegram (all SSL encrypted for complete privacy) for more information or to receive a free quote.

If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, you can contact by telephone or Skype (naturally all of our lines are fully encrypted). All contact numbers and addresses are listed on our website.

If you prefer, you can leave a message, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

In the near future all high-powered businessmen will own two or more passports as their business portfolios inevitably broaden as the world becomes smaller. And as global tensions persist and asylum seekers continue to suffer, they too will find owning second citizenship essential for life itself.

Making that first contact with costs nothing, and will be the first step to obtaining that precious second passport and citizenship that will change you and your family’s lives dramatically.


Citizenship Programs

Georgia Temporary Residence€25,000 Temporary Residency10 Days
Georgia Permanent Residence€40,000 Permanent Residency15 Days
Guatemala$60,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee2 Months
Turkey€65,000 Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee 60 Working Days
Costa Rica$65,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee4 Months
Hungary€75,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Mexico€80,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee6 Months
Dominica$90,000Government Investment2 Months
Nicaragua$100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee60 Working Days
Greece€95,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Russia$100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee45 Days
Poland€100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee5 Months
Iceland€100,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Ireland€150,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee3 Months
Saint Lucia$200,000Real Estate Investment6 Months
St Kitts & Nevis$290,000Real Estate Investment6 Months
Antigua & Barbuda$290,000Real Estate Investment2-4 Months
Belgium€300,000Government Investment3 Months
Germany€350,000Passport & I.D. Card Processing Fee90 Working Days
United States$500,000Government Investment2 Months
Portugal€500,000Government Investment4 Months
Malta€1millionGovernment Investment3-4 Months
United Kingdom£1millionGovernment Investment2 Months
Austria€2millionGovernment Investment1 Months
Cyprus€3millionReal Estate Investment3-4 Months
Australia$3millionGovernment Investment6 Months



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