Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an island nation in the Lesser Antilles Arc situated in the Caribbean sea. Saint Vincent Island is the main island, while the Grenadines are a chain of much smaller islands stretching out to the south, which combined cover 150 square miles that contain a population of 105,000. It is a member of the British Commonwealth, the national language is English, and the capital is Kingstown. 

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are highly sought after for two reasons; firstly, they are a stunningly beautiful holiday destination that offer the typical Caribbean blend of golden beaches, crystal clear blue seas,  plus breathtaking inland views of mountains and rainforest. The hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise is filmed there.

Secondly, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are renowned as a tax-haven, with some of the most discreet banking in the world. More than nine thousand international trading companies are registered there. 


The Saint Vincent Bank 

The bank deals with is a 12-year-old fully licensed bank whose jurisdiction and practice is to always display the utmost discretion of their clients business. The independent and sovereign nation of Saint Vincent Grenadines will not cooperate in civil matters, but will at their discretion cooperate in requests for information pertaining to criminal matters. 

  • The bank has an online banking service in English, including the capability of sending wires online.
  • The bank has the capability to send clients a text message whenever there is any activity within their accounts, including cards spends, ATM withdrawals, deposits or wires sent out.
  • One can bank in any or all of the following currencies: USD, Euro, GBP, CHF, and JPY.
  • The bank issues clients with a MasterCard tied to their bank. The card has a daily limit of $25,000. This debit card is tied directly to a client’s account. Clients can also obtain a Maestro ATM debit card with a daily limit of $2,000. All the cards are denominated in US Dollar.
  • Account is opened within 10-15 working days of receipt of documents. 


Bank Requirements 

The bank will need the following documents: 

  • Notarized copies of the applicant’s passport and driver’s license 
  • A utility bill or a bank statement as a proof of the applicant’s residential address 
  • A bank reference letter is the only other requirement 
  • The corporate or foundation paperwork (prepared for the applicant by


Panama Corporations and Foundations uses Panama Anonymous Bearer Share Corporations and Anonymous Panama Private Interest Foundations to open the bank accounts. 

Often with personal accounts there is a lack of anonymity, with the owners name on all wires going in and out of said account. With a Panama corporation or foundation the ownership names are not known to the government of Panama and do not appear in any registry or database, which results in complete anonymity.

The central banks, intermediary banks and governments that see the wires cannot determine who owns the corporation or foundation, rather like a numbered Swiss bank account, but using an anonymous corporate name instead of a number.

The price for this service is $1,995 for either a Panama corporation with a Saint Vincent bank account or a Panama foundation with a Saint Vincent bank account.



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